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Thread: Week 6 Ratings Rise Yet Again!

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    Week 6 Ratings Rise Yet Again!

    Last night TAR scored a 6.7/11 (.1 higher than the 6.6 last week). However, Law & Order: SVU got a 7.5 rating and beat it very well (Olympics next week will probably double it). However, TAR was the most watched show of the night with 10.8 million viewers.

    Best News of it All:
    TAR5 did the best it ever did in the adults 18-49 category (advertising-friendly demographic) scoring a 4.8 rating!!!
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    This is great news, I wonder if the rating will increase or decrease for TAR6 since its right after this one.

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    Wow...those initial preliminary ratings were really magnified. Here are the final ratings:

    CBS's reality Tuesday soared to summer highs in key adult demographics as BIG BROTHER 5 TUESDAY posted the series' highest ratings of the summer on any night in adults 18-49, adults 18-34 and adults 25-54 while THE AMAZING RACE 5 dashed to its highest adult 18-49 rating, according to final Nielsen ratings for Aug. 10.
    BIG BROTHER 5 TUESDAY won its time period in households (6.0/10) and viewers (9.32m) and was second in adults 25-54 (4.4/11), adults 18-49 (4.1/11) and adults 18-34 (3.7/11). These were BIG BROTHER 5 TUESDAY's best deliveries to date on any night in adults 25-54, adults 18-49 and adults 18-34.

    Compared to last week's broadcast, BIG BROTHER 5 TUESDAY was up +5% in households, +7% in adults 25-54, +11% in adults 18-49 and +9% in adults 18-34.

    THE AMAZING RACE 5 was first in adults 25-54 (5.0/13), adults 18-49 (4.7/13), adults 18-34 (4.0/13) and second in households (6.4/11) and viewers (10.39m). THE AMAZING RACE 5 beat the competition combined in adults 18-34 (4.0/13 vs. 3.9/13). This is the best delivery of THE AMAZING RACE 5 in adults 18-49, matches the best delivery in adults 25-54 and tied as the second best adults 18-34 performance.

    Compared to last week, THE AMAZING RACE 5 was up +4% in both adults 25-54 and adults 18-49.
    This shows not only can ratings rise after the preliminaries...but also can drop.
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    Pyramids might have been a big part of why people watched lastnight?

    Really glad the show is doing well this season

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    Way to go TAR .. hopefully this will show the "suits" at CBS that the next season needs to stay at this time slot .. a great show like TAR does not need the Saturday kiss of death timeslot!

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    Final numbers have been released for the week that contained TAR5-ep6.

    The Olympics started on Friday night, so had 3 nights of stellar performance during that week.

    TAR5 finished 11th in Total Viewers. That is behind the three Olympics broadcasts, and seven other shows.

    TAR5 was only 1.4m viewers behind the highest viewed non-Olympic show. In the five weeks prior to this, TAR5 had averaged being 3.4m viewers behind the highest viewed show each week, and had never been closer than 2.0m behind (that happened one time, the other four weeks it was AT LEAST 3.4m behind). So, while The Olympics knocked TAR5 down a few notches in the rankings, if you look at non-Olympics-shows, TAR5 came WAY closer to #1 than it has all season.

    Now, in the demographic Adults 18-49 (by total viewers). Again, The Olympics quite easily take the top 3 spots. Number four on the list is TAR5!!!!!!! So, as far as A18-49 total viewers goes, I consider that to mean that TAR5 was #1 for the week (considering The Olympics are in their own "little ratings world" light years beyond normal shows), beating the seven other non-Olympics shows that had more total viewers than TAR5. This is the first week that TAR5 has been #1 in A18-49.

    If anyone cares (Sonic..., I'm looking your way), I've updated my charts and commentary, including some notes about The Olympics.......


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    Thanks, TAR4 ATC Dave and TAR4 ATCSteve!

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