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Thread: 8/10 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    hehe, amber aint that saavy. after all she's marrying ROB!

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    I strongly feel that Colin and Christie won't win, because they are constantly saying that they are going to win. That's what Rob Mariano kept doing in Survivor All-Stars.
    And that's one of the many reasons I've always hated that bastard as much as i'm hating C&C right now.

    Honestly, most teams that arrived in first place do say they're gonna win it, but they say it in a way that you can tell they're pumping themselves up, giving themselves the self-confidence that they're running well and can really win it if they really try. C&C do not do this. All I see them doing lately is boasting so much about how they'll win, as if they already had it in the bag and nobody is strong or smart enough to take them down. They're being much too arrogant for their own good.

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    Wish I had a computer downstairs while I was watching this on high def!

    These are the funniest moments in the leg:
    1. When it was official that Colin and Christie would lose their 7 hour head to ALL the teams (HAHA!!!)
    2. The way Chip carried those sheep into the boat. (Reminds me alot about how we get our cocker spaniel into the bath).
    3. The males are riding the donkeys and the women are leading them?...okay
    4. As soon as Kim found that scarab she hid it from sight like Chip told her to but then we see Charla trying to catch a glimpse of it!!!

    With the exception of Kim, it seems the the people who agreed to do the road block did not meet the requirements (but could you imagine poor Charla with a shovel?)

    It seems that Charla is the only one being a non-bitch in the whole C&C + M&C clash. Yes, Mirna is annoying but Colin is even worse. He's the one who decides that he would rather continue being a jerk as the scene in the ticket line and the preview show. Blast their constant leads, I can totally see their popularity score on the CBS site getting lower and lower.

    And yes, this is the first time the twins have been in the top 5. in fact this must be the first time that they werent 3rd or 2nd to last place.

    Those are some lucky moms: I means it's not everyday that a busload of rich tourists come by the Gaza (what am I saying, it's a major tourist site!) or that a flight gets delayed (come on, people! America is full of delayed flights)
    But what tick me off was this: WHY OH WHY DID LINDA MAKE A GIANT SANDPILE IN THE MIDDLE?!! The scarab was no doubt buried under there somewhere and wouldve saved them much more time.

    I would hate to see these moms arrive last in next week's leg and lose their money...again! In fact I feel sorry for whatever team arrives last next week because it's Sudan, an even poorer country and less rich tourists!!!

    Am I the only one who is NOT DISGUSTED with how Lance and Marshall decide to call it quits and had Phil come to them to be eliminated? Seriously, if I were them, with the injury and knowledge of it all, it not's worth the time to find the scarab or the trip to the pit stop when you can just sit a wicker chair and take the loss. I dont think the fact that they knew they lost was why they quit. Did you notice how slow they were throughout the whole leg? They lost the energy to continue.

    You know what this means right? With Marshall and Lance, the only full male team gone, A WOMAN IS NOW GUARANTEED TO WIN AR5!!!

    Which makes me happy cuz of the previous 4 seasons, three of the winning teams were all Male and then we had the infamous Flo who won AR3 along with her friend Zack

    Oh joy, I cant wait to see more Char/Mir and Col/Chr clashing next week!!!

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    you are hardly the only one. read the full thread....

    I to don't understand the guys riding and the girls walking and THEN brandon has the nerve (as usual) to yell at his partner to stop pulling the donkey! I guess he identified with the donkey (takes one to know one).

    I'll bring up something here. As a Christian, I'm appalled at brandon and nicoles behavior. I only appalled because they constantly identify themselves as Christians. If they hadn't labeled themselves as such it wouldn't be a problem. When are we going to get a true christian representatives on one of these shows. Dirk was so dang annoying and no one else has come close. Yes we Christians are still human and we sin but you don't go all holier than tho "I'm a christian " and then plan to play the game like you weren't.
    off soapbox..


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    I guess im in the minority here. I cant stand Charla or Mirna. They are BOTH rude, whiny and obnoxious (UGH); im hoping I dont have to listen to them for much longer. I think people are giving Charla a pass on things that if she were someone else, it would be a different story. I actually like Colin and I do not blame the brothers. Im sure the guy was in a lot of pain and it always easier for people to armchair quarterback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rembrant
    And that's one of the many reasons I've always hated that bastard as much as i'm hating C&C right now.
    Personally, I think editing is pointing to a Brandon and Nicole win. I sure hope not, because all we'll hear from them is "God was on our side, and allowed us to win this race."

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    My personal reason for loving Mirna as well as Charla...I grew up in a house dominated bya mean, shouting bully. It affected the way I dealt with men for years (giving up, giving in). Only in my dotage (44) have I begun to stand up for myself when faced with such creeps. Colin, in my opinion, is 100% one of those creeps. When I see Mirna standing up to him (and yeah, she can be rude back) I cheer! I'm glad when I see a female member of the younger generation assert herself against, what to me is still, a frightening example of machismo gone mad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sorahl
    you are hardly the only one. read the full thread....
    Sorry, did my giant reply get THAT annoying? I just wanted to share my thoughts on the episode. Okay that was too much, then

    It's difficult to read through an entire thread once it gets too huge. Next time, if I wanna responds then all I'll do is while I'm watching so I'll write twenty scattered replies and not a bigass one

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    At first, I really despised the pizza brothers and then Brandon & Nicole to a lesser extent. Gradually, however, I have come to despise Colin far more than any other team (and even Jase and Scott on BB5). He is arrogant, domineering, demeaning (calling Charla a "midget" very early on), and unnecessarily rude. I also think he is very fake.

    M&C getting into the taxi was no big deal -- they understandably thought the C&C team had left for good. Anyone but Colin (and the pizza brothers) would have just stated that their bags were still there and they asked the cab driver to wait. It seemed as if once that Mirna and Charla understood that, they got out of the cab. Colin did look like a maniac about it.

    Watching the preview, it appears that weak Christie is actually trying to block them from entering a building until Colin can catch up. Mirna is aggressive, but I think that she needs to be. She may yell at Charla to hurry, but so do the men to the female teammates. Mirna is not at all my fave, but I admire Charla. They've both done very well.

    If only C&C and then B&N left, then any of the rest of the teams are fine by me. I am especially beginning to love Chip.

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    I'm just curious. Does anyone else HATE the new twist on the non-elimination rounds? I think it's very dangerous to leave a team with 0 money for a leg of the race. Take their money........fine. But don't start them off with $0 for the next round. It is really scary and dangerous to be in a non-English speaking country with no money at all. I think that maybe a half payment for the next leg would have been better. I think taking the money they had in reserve was an interesting idea. That gives them a huge disadvantage over the other teams. But don't leave them penniless like that.

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