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Thread: Olympics competition

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    Olympics competition

    I know that some people will choose to watch every minute of the Olympics that is televised, but others will just tune in for the bigger events.

    So, here is what NBC currently has scheduled for the two Tuesdays that will air Olympics versus TAR5. This is just for the main NBC network, and only for the 3-hour primetime block. There is other stuff on USA, Bravo, CNBC, MSNBC, etc., but mostly at non-primetime hours.

    Tuesday, August 17th
    Gymnastics - Women's Team Gold Medal Final
    Swimming - Gold Medal Finals: Men's 200m Butterfly, Men's 4x200m Freestyle Relay, Women's 200m Freestyle, Women's 200m Individual Medley
    Beach Volleyball - USA Women's Match
    Also: Swimming Semifinals: Men's 100m Freestyle, Men's 200m Breaststroke

    Tuesday, August 24th
    Track & Field - Gold Medal Finals: Women's 100m Hurdles, Women's 400m, Men's 1,500m, Women's Pole Vault, Decathlon Gold Medal Final
    Diving - Men's Springboard Gold Medal Final
    Beach Volleyball - Women's Gold Medal Final
    Gymnastics - Champions Gala
    Wrestling - Super Heavyweight Greco-Roman Competition

    I'd say the first Tuesday (17th) offers stiffer competition. Women's gold gymnastics. Lots of swimming gold. And a guaranteed USA women's beach volleyball match.

    Tuesday (24th) I'd say not nearly as much good stuff. Guess it could depend who has made it to some of those finals. And whether people are burnt out on the Olympics in general by then.

    Of course if The Twins keep running around aimlessly in the desert, and The Pizza Brothers keep generally spreading their joy, and The Cousins keep up their quirky antics, I don't see how anyone in the country that knows about this show will be able to resist it. The Olympics are on every four years, but watching "Charla and Mirna of Arabia" is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
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    Thanks, TAR4 ATC Dave and TAR4 ATCSteve!

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    Of all the Olympic finals, my favorites just happen to be gymnastics and swimming. I'm assuming that TAR's gonna rerun the following Saturday, so I'll probably watch the Olympics on Tuesday and TAR on Saturday. If not, I'll tape it.
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    I'll probably be watching TAR live and tape the olympics 'cause there's no way I'm missing TAR or women's gymnastic

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    For me, I don't even need to ponder a second. I'd watch TAR over anything, period.

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    Eh, only Olympic sports I follow are men's soccer and men's basketball. I can watch swimming and track @ field if nothing else is on. The rest is just boring, so no problems deciding what I'll be watching Tuesday.

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    sorry Ill be watching the olympics on a night over then tuesday

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    I'm definately watch TAR. The Olympics just don't interest me in any way. Although if I'm super board, I might watch Figure Skating, but that only in the Winter.

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    My interest in the Olympics has transformed from enthusiasm into meh through the years. I'm just not interested in the Olympics anymore since Barcelona, and I now only watch the opening ceremonies. If there's ever a choice for me between watching TAR and the Olympics, there is no contest whatsoever--TAR will win everytime.

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    I remember when I was younger the olympics were something exciting to look forward too. Now ... I could care less about the olympics. The only time I want to see Athens over the next month is if the Amazing Race shows up there for an episode .. hehehe Although all joking aside I would love to visit Greece ... but sure as heck not during the madness of the Olympics ...

    That being said Go USA! But my tube will have CBS on at Tuesday @ 10PM!

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    As long as i see the opening ceremony of the olympics i will be good...other than that the only sport i really want to watch is Tennis and also maybe swimming, see if Phelps can break a record...oh yeah and womans Gymnastics...gotta support the home town girl!!! By the way i like how CBS put TAR on a Tuesday, it seems like the next episode is here in no time. Not like when it was on on a Wed or Thurs...too long of a wait (i know its the same amount of time) but it just feels shorter
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