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Thread: Are there any TAR dvd's?

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    Are there any TAR dvd's?

    I was wondering if they had any TAR dvd's you could buy, and if so for what seasons? Thanks guys!

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    The only TAR DVDs available are most likely those made my viewers on DVD recorders. As far as officially sanctioned season box sets, there aren't any available.

    A major hurdle to overcome is what production company or companies are attached. I do know that Touchstone Television was/is listed as a producer, along with several more. That means Touchstone (a part of the Disney empire) and the other producers would have to agree on the release for it to happen. Those "other CBS reality series", "Survivor" and "Big Brother", are produced by CBS/Viacom, which is why both series have been released on DVD. "Survivor" producer Paramount Home Video is a corporate sibling of CBS. Since CBS doesn't out-right own TAR, the network would have very little say about when or if TAR ever comes to DVD.

    However, a good sign is the increasing number of reality series making their way to DVDs. "Survivor" has already released its first season and will do the same with its recent "All-Star" season next month. "Big Brother" has had at least the past several seasons released (full season and "best of"). Add that to cable reality hits like Bravo's "Boy Meets Boy" and Spike TV's "Joe Schmo Show" and the upcoming releases of UPN's "America's Next Top Model, Season 1", and NBC's "Apprentice", it is possible that TAR could eventually make its way to our local neighborhood video store.

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