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Thread: Favorite Teams?

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    I'd love for either of these two teams to wim:

    1. Brandon and Nicole (they are such a cute couple!)
    2. Colin and Christie (they are playing the game very well!)

    I wouldn't mind seeing any of these three teams win:

    3. Kami and Karli (I don't know, I just like them)
    4. Chip and Kim (They were in back and are now closer to the front of the pack)
    5. The Bowling moms

    I most definetly don't want to see these 2 teams win!

    6. Mirna and Shmirna (they get on my nerves!)
    7. Lance and Marshall ( they're just weird)

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    would like to see the following teams win:

    truely no preference. no one or two teams strike me as people i really want to win.

    wouldn't mind seeing win

    colin and christie (smart racing deserves reward)
    chip and kim (like them but not so much that i'd actually 'cheer' them on)
    lance and marshal (crass but funny)
    bowling moms (amusing and a victory for middle income moms everywhere)
    branon and nicole (she's too damned cute to root against)

    teams i would hate to see win
    charla and mirna (charla's tolerable but mirna gets on my last nerve)
    the twins (we've already seen them in their skivvies, what more do we need them for?)

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    1. Charla and Mirna
    2. Linda and Karen
    3. Chip and Kim
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rembrant
    Thrilled if they win- Charla & Mirna
    Cool if they win- Chip & Kim
    Happy if they win- Linda & Karen
    Just okay if they win- Kami & Karli
    Not happy if they win- Brandon & Nicole
    Angry if they win- Colin & Christie
    Furious if they win- Marshall & Lance
    Thrilled if they win - Charla & Mirna
    Cool if they win- Chip & Kim
    Happy if they win- Linda & Karen
    Just okay if they win- Kami & Karli
    Furious if they win:
    Brandon & Nicole
    Colin & Christie
    Marshall & Lance

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2ctheworld
    Rate the remaining teams from favorite to least favorite ... here is what I have to say!

    1) I'd love for this teams to win:
    Chip & Kim

    2) I wouldn't mind seeing any of these two teams win:
    Colin & Christie
    Linda & Karen

    3) Since there is a chance they could make it to the final three I guess I will survive?
    Brandon & Nicole
    Kami & Karli

    4) I most definitely do not want either of these two teams in the final three:
    Lance & Marshall
    Mirna & Charla

    and folks .. that's my two cents! HAHA
    I totally agree!!!

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    Rooting for:

    1. Linda & Karen
    2. Charla & Mirna
    3. Chip & Kim

    Rooting against:

    1. Kami & Karli
    2. Lance & Marshall

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    I would love to see these 2 teams win:
    1) Charla/Mirna
    2) Kami/Karli

    I wouldn't mind seeing any of these 3 teams win:
    1) Brandon/Nicole
    2) Linda/Karen
    3) Chip/Kim

    I REALLY don't want to see either of these 2 teams win:
    1) Colin/Christie (although I won't have a problem if their in the final 3)
    2) Marshall/Lance (I will have a problem with them in the final 3. I want them gone.)

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    1. Charla and Mirna. I am very impressed with Charla. She is fearless, charismatic, and has a delightful personality. Mirna, however, is the opposite and has a whiny, irritating personality. I want them to win because of Charla.

    2. Colin and Christi - my reasoning is shallow. They are a pretty pair and seem to get along well, but I would also put Chip and Kim in this place so its a tie.

    Least Favorites:

    1. Marshall and Lance - can't stand them. They are obnoxious and rude.
    2. Brandon and Nicole - Brandon's constant religious fervor is really getting on my nerves.

    Rest are in the middle. The twins are cute, but airheads. The bowling moms I like, but they haven't grabbed my interest. I like Chip and Kim and might put them in second ahead of Brandon and Nicole if they maintain their good natures.

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    Brandon & Nicole!

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    I really like most of the teams up to this point.....except for one team

    Mirna and Schmirna!!
    I really find them annoying, especially Mirna, she's so rude..

    I would love to see these teams win :
    1. Brandon and Nicole (Been supporting them since Leg 1, they really does play this game nicely and really enjoy themselves)
    2. Colin and Christie (Smart strategys would pay off, Colin just need to be a little less "intense")
    3. Chip and Kim (So competitive, and such two nice people!)

    I wouldn't mind these teams to win :
    4. Marshall and Lance
    5. Kami and Karli
    6. Linda and Karen

    But definitely don't want to see Mirna and Schmirna win!

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