Entertainment Weekly continues to be one of the biggest supporters of TAR out there in Medialand. The new issue features a cover story entitled "83 Ways to Make August Cool", with a list of things to do for each day of the month.

For Tuesday, August 10, after a blurb about watching that day's DVD release of Kill Bill Vol. 2, they add "PLUS Put away the DVD and watch The Amazing Race on CBS at 10 p.m."

For Tuesday, August 17, they talk about new music and a couple other TV shows, and end with "Um, did we mention The Amazing Race?"

Tuesday, August 24, is about the Olympics. Then they say: "(And three little words: The Amazing Race.)"

Tuesday, August 31, mentions the DVD releases of both The Passion of the Christ and Touched by an Angel. But the last sentence reads: "By the way, there's this show called The Amazing Race."

Last, but not least, their TV critic Ken Tucker reviews both TAR and Big Brother 5, saying "The Emmy-winning Race is the prestige act, of course." Grade: A (BB5 gets a B.)

Way to go, EW.