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Thread: Our Interview with Bob and Joyce

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    Thanks PG, now I feel not quite as clueless, as I live in Minnesota and should know more about hockey *GO WILD!!!* but had no idea what a pie-hole shot would be.

    no worries, John. We know that you're a Red Wings fan, so that isn't MUCH of a hockey fan

    Bob and Joyce sound like great people, and they were right that their story was very compelling and made them interesting to watch. Now, have they gone for cavier since they've been back?
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    Thanks for the interview. I'm really going to miss this team.

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    Bob: They edited that, quite a few of them went through. In fact, are you a hockey fan, John?

    I thought it was great they knew something about you, John. I hope they become FORT regulars after the show!
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    Great interview, John. Thanks.

    Bob and Joyce will certainly missed during the rest of TAR5. Their attitude, calmness, and decency were good examples to all.

    Since they met on the internet, I sure hope they join the Fort as the ATCs did.
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    Really a wonderful couple.

    John, your interview really seemed to capture that. They are the only ones that seemed to rise above all the nastiness.

    I wasn't a fan of Colin's before, but I was very ticked that he screwed Bob & Joyce. Especially to the benefit of the foul-mouthed pizza brothers.

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    Bob and Joyce you will be missed. It was really nice to see an older couple working together as a team supporting each other. It just seemed as if they had some bad luck at the airport getting tickets. Personally I would have loved to see Marshall and Lance, the Line Jumper also known as Chip and Kim eat your dust.

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    Great interview! I'm sad that they got eliminated They seem like the perfect example of attitude and outlook in this race!

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    Great interview! I think thety were one of the sweetest couple like David(?) and Margaretta in the first TAR.

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    Nice interview, John. This certainly seems like a full service site, you've done well. I'm sorry to see Bob and Joyce gone. Now that they've departed along with Jim and Marsha, I need to reevaluate my favorites.

    Thanks to pg13 for the scoring info regarding hockey. Not following the sport, I'd assumed that any shot that made it past the goalie counted as a score.

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    This is goofy, but I jusy read this interview because I didn't want to read how really nice they are, and I knew I would!

    Great people, and I am so glad they got as far as they did. I would have loved for them to win, but really so they could have more fun,not just for the money. I LOVE when contestants enjoy themselves. Yeah, it's a race, yeah it's a lot of money, but enjoyment takes niether time nor energy. I love these two and I will miss them. Thanks so much for the interview.
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