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Thread: Survivor vs Amazing Race

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    Originally posted by Bill_in_PDX
    The thing is, both it (the Amazing Race) and Survivor can coexist just fine, as the premise of the two shows is significantly different, and both are good in their own ways.
    Although I like the Amazing Race much more than Survivor, I still have respect for Survivor because it is the grandfather of all reality shows. At one time, the concept of surviving without modern conveniences on an isolated island was innovative and interesting, but the show has become rather repetitive and boring, because there are limits to what interesting things you can do on a desolate island. Nevertheless, I consider Survivor and the Amazing Race as the only 2 true reality shows on television.

    Most of the new "reality shows" are mostly circus side shows. Traditional circus side shows display (and make fun of) people with defective/extreme physical traits, e.g. midgets, giants, hairy, extra limbs or no limb. The 21st century side shows are on TV displaying people with defective/extreme personality traits, e.g. golddiggers (as on the Bachelor), liars (as on Joe Millionaire). and foul mouths (as on Osbournes).

    By the way, American Idol is a "talent contest" for entertainer want-to-be's; it is not a "reality show".
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    The thing I really enjoy about TAR is watching the psychology of the teams. It's fascinating to see which teams will self-destruct and which will become stronger, which teams will be so caught up in the competition they lose perspective and which will stop and take a look around at the amazing places they're visiting.

    Survivor is all about me and it all boils down the psychology of Machiavelli. As others have posted, season after season it's the same thing: who's going to be the best back-stabber.

    I also love being able to see, through TAR, parts of the world I know I will never be able to see in person.

    Unfortunately, I think the ratings differential between Survivor and TAR says a lot about the American public right now.

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    I cant beleive how many times i've watched TAR and wondered why the participants weren't enjoying their once in a lifetime journey more... or at the very least- take in their surroundings, relish in the opportunity they have been given and pick up a little souvenior from each leg of the trip!

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    I love Survivor, but I personally like Amazing Race alot better. It's more intense, more dramatic, and all around more entertaining. I really start enjoying Survivor when it gets down to the merger. Otherwise it can be rather dull.

    Amazing Race is the best.reality.show.ever.

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    acid jazz
    i like survivor but i LOVE The Amazing Race! like what myersfan31 have said ....its more dramatic and entertaining and its never boring plus all the amazing sceneries and best of all, you grow to love the racers!!! i love the amazing race so much man!! it rocks!

    TAR Rocks! Long Live The Amazing Race!

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