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Thread: 7/27 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Am I the only one that really liked the way Brandon treated Nicole during the Roadblock? I mean, especially compared to Colin. Brandon was patient and supportive, and I thought he was very nice to her... I really love B & N, sure they're easy to hate, but they seem to be such a great team and treat each other so well!

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    Hate, hate, Mirna. That "we have God on our side" crap WITH the crossing?!?!?!! Die. And what is up with her calling Colin criminal just because he beat her into line. Die faster.

    Colin really redeemed himself from last week's shushing. I thought he was more than supportive of Christie's crying over caviar tonight. Hello? We're talking about a million $ -- shut up and start shoveling it in. The quicker down, the quicker finished, and the quicker you can puke it all up outside : ) He showed amazing restraint considering the lead they lost ...

    And was I the only one who thought that Bob was going to propose to Joyce on the Amazing Mat? Just me?

    BWAH! Rasputin -- Mad Monk to Amazing Greeter!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway
    They had gotten in line for a certain bus company when Colin and Christie knew that another company would get them in quicker. When they moved to the other terminal once it was manned... M&S did get over to the new line quicker, but M had already p'd off Colin by butting in earlier and being amazingly rude. So, Colin tried to stay true to the original line order (with a bit of spite thrown in) just so M&S couldnt get on the same cushy bus.
    If I remember correctly, M&S were 2nd in line at the bus stop, once everyone arrived, they had agreed to keep the order in purchasing tickets (with Colin & whiny girl being 1st, and M & S being 2nd, and so forth). In the meantime, Colin got with Pizza guys about the later bus, so when they suddenly switched lines to the new counter, the pizza guys said the previous order was off, then Colin bought for the 4 teams. Basically, they screwed M & S out of their place in line. I would have fought more if I were them, and everyone is complaining how rude they're being. Thus far, they have not deliberately screwed over any single team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom
    Yes, moreso than Colin. Brandon SAW that Christie was already having trouble when they showed up. Colin was just DUMB and selfish, but at least it was partially ignorance.
    Question - once they have announced who is going to do it are they allowed to change their mind on who does it? I've watched all the seasons and don't think I've ever seen this happen. I wonder if there is a rule we aren't aware of that makes it so that once they have committed they can't change? I also think they say who is going to do it before they find out the details of the challenge and by the time they hear it it's too late to change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leo
    Colin and Christie take second.
    Yipee! I can't believe it!
    Christie and Colin are my favorite this season... They are the "amazingly good" but very silent. I basically like them because "generally," these two are "nice people." I'm really rooting for this team to win (besides Chip and Kim). I must say that Colin had done the right thing, Charla is sooo annoying and very "greedy."

    I used to like Charla and Mirna but when they become "manipulate" and "scream" to almost everybody in the race, I had to admit that I've hated them... Charla is ridiculously funny but sarcastic while Mirna is a total turn off. Half of Team Jesus is a fake... Nicole is a big liar, Brandon is sweet. The Pizza Brothers- Well, I used to like them but shouting "bitch" all over the race makes them classless. The Internet Dating Couple is okay... The Amazing Twins Part 2 (Drew and Derek were the original) are okay to me though they are always brushing off with Chip and Kim...
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    Snowqueen, it's almost like you read my mind. scaaary

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    Pretty good episode! I Can't wait for EGYPT! THE PYRAMIDS! THE SPHINX!!!! YES!!!!!!!!

    Fav teams currently are:

    Team Hobbit - Charla/Mirna - Mirna is actually kinda cute from tonights episode...She is a pretty mean bitch at times and Charla uses her height as an advantage though she sometimes says they can get by without anyones help. I really enjoy this team, without them this season would be a bore i think...
    Team Chip - Chip/Can't remember wifes name lol Chip is loud and fun to watch as well...maybe the editing but they rule

    Least fav teams currently are:

    Team God - Nicole/Brandon - Don't like them very much because they really screw the other teams yet preach about how good they are. I'm christian myself but this is so far the team i'm least fond of.

    I LOVE THIS SHOW WHEWwwwwwwwwww

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    I'm happy with tonight's results, as it puts me in 1st place in the game. Mirna was talking to the bus guy, she wasn't telling Colin he couldn't, he was the only guy there, so why was it unfair of her to ask him questions as well? I love how Mirna just stands her ground, if she feels she's not infringing on, or breaking any rules! If the bus guy didn't object to talking to Mirna, that's his decision, not the all powerful Colin. I think Colin's the type of guy who's always dated very passive, yes dear, type of woman, and can't deal with any of the opposite sex who won't defer to him. Christie's rage towards Colin, sort of slipped past the tiara and paegant queen smile, that girl's got a drag queen heart. Brandon won't drink a single shot of Vodka, but will betray a team he has an alliance in? What church does he belong too, Church of aging models who need a t.v gig big. I did like how Brandon treated Nicole though, great contrast between him and Colin.

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    Man oh man all the chicks like Brandon because hes a good looking...I guess i'm the same with Nicole though :rolleyes ... :phhht :

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    That caviar must have been pretty daunting. Whenever a team came out of it, the eater always looked like they'd been traumatised.

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