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Thread: Our interview with Jim and Marsha

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    I liked their attitude in the race, and while I knew they had no chance to win, I was hoping they could last longer. They ran a great race. Congrats to Jim and Marsha, and good luck to Marsha in your soon to being legal career.

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    Thanks to Jim and Marsha for that. They were one of my favourite teams, sucks to see them go.

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    20 minutes! Man, that's too bad. I really liked these two. Their never-quit attitude was an example for everyone who ever wants to play this game.

    Great job, John! I'm pleased to see the return of the Amazing Race interviews.
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    Great Interview, John!! Thanks to Jim and Marsha for taking the time for this. I, too LMAO about the
    cheerleading washout. Wow! they should do a behind the scenes ep sometime. 20 minutes! Dang! they could have beaten the brothers. They still ran a very good and honourable race.

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    So Brandon and Nicole stole their cab and while they were driving away Nicole yelled "Bitch" out the window. It sounds like she skipped part of the story.

    My guess is the full story is more like Brandon and Nicole believed the cab was their's, an argument ensued, and Nicole yelled "Bitch" out of the window as they were driving away. Even if that were the case it wouldn't excuse Nicole, but I really hate when people give half the story in order to make someone look bad and themselves look good.

    Also, couldn't she have counted the tickets she was given by the ticket agent? It is a pretty pathetic excuse to say it was all the ticket agent's fault. Having said that I thought they did an excellent job of catching up. They used taxi drivers to maximum advantage.

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    Nicole called Marsha a bitch. Interesting.....hope she didn't really mean it!

    I havn't seen this episode yet but looks like a great place to be eliminated....wish they've been around longer though!

    Great interview by the way

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    I guess I find it a little bit hard to believe what Marsha said...

    As NCDave mentioned... their story was different on the Early Show, so I find it hard to believe this to be true... plus, I'd rather wait and hear what Brandon & Nicole have to say about it when they are gone.

    It just sounds like something very random to yell at someone for no reason... Maybe she has tourrette's? (sp?)

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    Great interview!
    I enjoy the inside information and always wondered how far behind do they arrive at the pit stop. Amazing Race is the only show I am currently watching on a regular basis. It's nice to hear about their strategies and shortcomings. Thanks again, John!

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    I liked these people, sorry to see them go! seems this one season is the season of the bitch. I really know what happened so don't believe what "others" speculate. they are just fishing around and sticking up for their favorites

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    Someone just mentioned a very good point in the Nicole and Brandon thread. Why did Jim and Marsha help N/B get their tickets when nicole called marsha a bitch and stole their cab

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