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Thread: TAR Prediction Game Week 2!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LG.
    Oh, and I meant to say, the Yield is being added to the prior list of show features, it isn't replacing any of them. So there will still be roadblocks for one person to do, and fast forwards (which I like because teams need to decide when they should use it, and try to save it for late in the game if they can, etc.)
    Yes but in the glossary it says that there are only 2 pre determined legs that has the fast forward which kinda sucks

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    (Edited because lalol beat me to it).
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    I want to try this out too:

    First place: Alison and Donny (unfortunately) Although I don't like Alison, they do seem to know what they need to do and what they need to question to get places fast. Hopefuly they'll keep this up this week.

    Last place: Jim and Marsha
    I really like Jim but I think that his knee injury is going to haunt him.

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    WoooHooooo Burntcrow...... Sign Me Up Please !!

    1st to Pit Stop - Marshall & Lance
    Eliminated - Chip & Kim

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    ref guy
    Can I join still?

    First Donnie & Allison
    Last Jim & Marsha

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    First - Chip / kim
    Last - Brandon / Nicole

    I can't wait to see the show!

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    Well I'm sure doing well already.

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    I'm not doing well at all.

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    awww I did pretty well, I didnt do first week but I ended up 5 this week and 18 overall. It's pretty easy to go up even if youre not doing well the first 2 weeks. Because it's been a real weird finish so who knows what happens. Wish you good luck next week!!! Not even sure who I think will win next week since its been so mixed up

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    Hahaha, on my predictions, I've only got one thing right so far, which was that Dennis and Erkia will be the first eliminated. Overall, I think this is the entire race outcome (which I formulated before the start of the first leg):

    1st- Colin and Christie
    2nd- Kami and Karli
    3rd- Brandon and Nicole
    4th- Lance and Marshall
    5th- Allison and Donny
    6th- Jim and Marsha
    7th- Bob and Joyce
    8th- Charla and Mirna
    9th- Chip and Kim
    10th- Linda and Karen
    11th- Dennis and Erika (Correct!! Yesss)

    So, seeing that, I'm changing, and I think this is what will happen in the third leg:

    1st team- Lance and Marshall (due to good racing, no fast forward)
    Last Team- Chip and Kim (due to yield from Kami and Karli)

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