Alright, there's been a lot of speculation regarding the TAR application process, what the odds are of getting selected from the general application "pool" and some speculation on what material is best for audition tapes. But are there loopholes in the application rules that might increase the odds???

For instance, the app says that only one application per team will be accepted, but what if a person sends in applications with different partners?

And then there's the locations for interviews. Would it increase the chances of getting picked for semi-final interviews if you and your partner indicated a more remote location for the semi-final interview? And then, I have to figure, for at least logistic reasons, that the applications get sorted by location and then screened by people by location (one person each handles two interview locations) - so would a team really be caught if they sent in an audition tape slated for each interview location? Would the producers of CBS even care if you did get caught (hey, if they're interested in your team, that's all that really matters).

Hmm, something to think about.