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Thread: 7/6 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I really hate to say this, but I liked Allison and Donny. She does know how to task-focus. That deserves some respect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmazingRaceMan
    quick question the new season timeslot is Tuesdays from 9-10 PM right?

    No, it's Tuesdays from 10-11pm Eastern.

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    Great, thanks John

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    Its on like Donkey Kong! DarKensoul7's Avatar
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    I hope that Yield card is used on the Pizza guys or Alison and Donny next leg hehe. I would love to see that !!!
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    I am really depressed I missed all the previous TAR's this show was great, thanks to all who gave it sure high praise that I finally tuned in.

    Ali is one tough cookie as the ones who saw her on BB4 already knew she would be.

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    I've only read page 15 of the comments thus far and I have to confess the language is bothering me already. I watched big brother last year and I know what Alison was like but it seems like people are trying to one up each other on awful names for her. Can I respectfully express my feelings that this is a nicer place when the nastiness of that type isn't present?

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    I'll pat myself on the back because I had a TAR/BB party tonight and got 10 of my BB viewing friends to watch TAR for the first time. They loved the show, and asked me why I never got them watching sooner Some quick thoughts on the episode (one of the best season premieres since the original, in my opinion.)

    -Loved how the teams on the first flight weren't at an advantage this time. I wish they'd try to even it up a little and not have so many teams on one flight.

    -Jim/Marsha may come off my pre-faves list. I know it's a race, but helping another team at this stage may not be such a bad gesture. If there were only 3 teams left, then yeah, helping another team would be silly. But down the road, they may need Charla/Mirna's help. Maybe they would have helped them find the clue they kept running by.

    -Charla/Mirna are hands down my favorite team (possibly from any season) and I'm glad Charla didn't play the whole little person angle up (too much, anyway.) I hope these guys make it far.

    -Kami/Karli remind me so much of Kelly Goldsmith of Survivor fame that it's scary.

    -Brandon reminded me a lot of Paul from the first season. More concerned about saving money than getting to the next clue faster.

    -Sad to see Dennis/Erika go. Wish those 2 could have stuck around, especially since they lost to Jim/Marsha.

    -And five seasons in, it's funny that so many teams still managed to make silly mistakes.

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    Erika reminded me of Jenna Lewis... except cuter... and that was a great smile she gave Dennis when she said "it's always your fault". I'm gonna miss that.

    So many couples this season! And young people in general, I really like the cast

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    I liked Erika and Dennis... maybe becase they were nice.... so I guess it's true nice guys finish last?? Must be since Ali came in first.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by karalott
    -Charla/Mirna are hands down my favorite team (possibly from any season) and I'm glad Charla didn't play the whole little person angle up (too much, anyway.) I hope these guys make it far.
    Gotta disagree here. Charla played it up deliberately--quite a bit. Although it's easy to turn that into admiration that she's taking something (pity) that people are going to feel anyway and using it to her advantage. But there's no denying she's using it to the max, playing it to the hilt you might say.

    Mirna is the one I question. I see unintentional condecesion in how she treats her cousin in some of the tape they showed. It's like... if you say nothing's wrong with me enough times, what I'm actually going to believe is that you really DO think there is.

    Also, Charla clearly is much smarter than her cousin. Mirna's pack is short a few cigarettes.

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