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Thread: Elise Doganieri shares how TAR was created

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    Elise Doganieri shares how TAR was created

    Traveling the World on a Shoestring Budget; ``The Amazing Race'' Creator Shares Secrets in WomensWallStreet Column

    NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 24, 2004--Ever wonder how the premises for those crazy reality shows get thought up? Well this week, Elise Doganieri reveals exclusively to WomensWallStreet.com editors that it was a bet with her husband that resulted in the Emmy-winning CBS series, "The Amazing Race."

    With its fifth season kicking off on CBS July 6 at 9:00 p.m., "The Amazing Race" is a real-life race around the globe between couples who must spend as little cash as possible to win the million-dollar prize. Seem impossible? Well, as Creator/Producer Doganieri tells it, that's what makes it great television!

    In this month's exclusive WomensWallStreet column, "One Woman's Wisdom," Doganieri talks about her financial prowess and shares insights and advice on successfully managing finances (whether you're on a Woolworth's salary or juggling multi-million dollar budgets for a major network like CBS).

    Doganieri admits that her passion has always been traveling. "I'd take a beautiful place to relax over a new outfit any day," she says.

    This passion for travel and her ability to manage budgets are what have led her to 57 countries ... and counting ... as she scouts and films the highly acclaimed show.

    Doganieri also shares with WomensWallStreet readers that she once traveled to Europe for six weeks with only $1,500 and still managed to return to the states with money in her pocket. Now that's amazing!

    To read the full story of how Doganieri's bet with her producer husband resulted in the "The Amazing Race" -- and how money managing helped shape her amazing career, check out this month's "One Woman's Wisdom" column online at www.womenswallstreet.com.

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    WomensWallStreet.com is an exciting new financial resource tailored for today's woman. Whether she is managing her household finances or managing a portfolio, the Web site's unparalleled, objective content provides women with solutions to topics covering everything from juggling a career and a family to tips on how to become a smart and informed investor. Renowned financial experts Jean Chatzky, Julie Stav and Victoria Collins -- along with a staff of experienced writers and editors -- contribute fresh insights and offer advice on investing, saving and other financial issues.

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    Wow! She's my hero. I love traveling, when it's within my budget.

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