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Thread: TAR5 Map of 12 Pit Stops - ***SPOILERS***

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    FORT Newbie jeez_princess's Avatar
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    Yay!!! They Went Here!!! Finally...can't Wait To See This...

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    TAR4 ATC Dave
    While I appreciate all the work that went into this 'spoiler', I still have my doubts as to its accuracy.

    I think back to all the so-called spoilers and sightings I've read for each of the preceding 4 races, and can count on one hand the number that actually panned out.

    If this turns out to be correct, I'll admit it. But if it doesn't, don't say I didn't warn you...


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    I hope this map isn't 100% true....

    but Tanzania....wonder how they would get there? And why are they coming here again in New Zealand? Rotorua? TAR2 have been there already!

    Looks like it'll be quite interesting

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    should be studying...... ravs's Avatar
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    I have read previously that getting the correct travel papers and authorisation for having legs in Russia is a nightmare. Apparently a lot of red tape which is why TAR has never went there previously.
    To add to that, you would think TAR would go through US-friendly countries only, ever since the increase in terrorist activity.
    Even though the map is more than likely not 100% correct, its still fun to speculate.
    I rather lurk than post.

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    Back to the kitty lalol's Avatar
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    Hong Kong
    Don't know why I have this really strong feeling they would be going to Macau though ?

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    AR Boy
    ^ Yea that American friendly thing...

    Paris, France. Marshall and Lance are driving around.
    Marshall: God damn I'm hungry... I need some American food...
    Lance: Look, A Mc Donald's!
    Marshall: Score!!! We're in!
    In Mc D's
    Marshall: One Big Mac Meal with extra large diet coke and extra large freedom fries please.
    Cashier: What? You Zamerlican basteed! Theez France not Fleedom Land! *pulls out shotgun and kills Marshall. Fat blows up everywhere and is cleaned up and put into deep fryer and burger mix*
    Lance: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! F*** F***! GOTTA RUN ARGH!!! *Fat blows up everywhere, fat also dumped into deep fryer and burger mix*

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    AR Boy
    Quote Originally Posted by lalol
    Don't know why I have this really strong feeling they would be going to Macau though ?
    Because you saw yellow and black Toyota Corolla cabs in Macau in a roundabout. The cabs are the same colour in Portugal, but are Mercedes Benzes. (Don't forget Portugal ruled Macau)

    I wanna see Japan.

    Anyways, I definatley know what 3 spots they'd be seeing if they go to Macau
    1. Hotel Lisboa- Top of building has a large symbol that eliminates luck from gamblers who visit that hotel to gamble.
    2. Macau Tower- Loads of Fear Factor like stunts.
    3. Saint Paul's Cathedral- Famous as the front face of the church didn't fall apart. Christians believed God was there when the church was struck. So it is now a tourist attraction.

    Also they might drive the famous light rental cars that are made from basic metal structures and random crappy interior parts built by Honda.

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    There was a TAR5 commercial with a picture of the Battleship Aurora from St. Petersburg, Russia ... I believe Amanda and Chris's site has the vidcaps.

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    *Until Next Season...* karalott's Avatar
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    Forever in the Gilles & Chmerkovskiy Camp
    Quote Originally Posted by AR Boy
    I wanna see Japan.
    I think it was Phil who said in an interview that they wanted to go to Japan, but it was either too expensive or they couldn't get the ok that they needed to film.

    I really hope this map is true. I am skeptical of a few locations, though, for the US friendly factor. I think Tanzania is safe, but I've heard areas of Russia and the Philippines aren't, so I'm not sure. Going back to New Zealand will be fun. They've only been once, and there's still a lot to see. Heck, they've been to France and Italy twice and there's still more to see there, too.

    ARBoy, your quote reminds me of something I saw on Married w/Children. The Bundy's went to England, and are passing by all these famous landmarks. They have no interest in any of them, then they pass a McDonald's and Al yells to Peg "take a picture."

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    aka LAXguy LAGuy's Avatar
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    I'm skeptical about the accuracy of the map -- as I am of the various "spoilers" that went into making it up. To take just one instance:

    The previously-reported New Zealand spoiler had 6 teams arriving. If you believe that spoiler, and if Rotorua is indeed the pitstop for Leg 10, then that means that -- out of the 11 teams that began the race -- only 5 had been eliminated up to that point. That would mean having 4 Non-Elimination Legs out of the first 9!

    Not saying they couldn't do it, but that sounds excessive to me.

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