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Thread: How will they do?

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    How will they do?

    This Amazing Race (and the upcoming Survivor) I will try to stay 100% spoiler free. I think it will make this season much more enjoyable. Anyway, I want to know how well you guys think each team will do. Who do you think is gone early? Who could be our winner? Here's my prediction boot list (1. being winner and 11. being first out):

    1. Chip/Kim
    2. Dennis/Erika
    3. Kami/Karli
    4. Allison/Donny
    5. Brandon/Nicole
    6. Linda/Karen
    7. Jim/Marsha
    8. Colin/Christie
    9. Charla/Mirna
    10. Marshall/Lance
    11. Bob/Joyce
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    Hmmm, after doing a fast zoom of the teams on CBS, I have a feeling that Chip and Kim will be the winners.
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    I think either Brandon/Nicole or Colin/Christie will win it.
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    11 - Mirna and Charla
    10 - Bob and Joyce
    9 - Marshall and Lance
    8 - Colin and Christie
    7 - Alison and Donny
    6 - Jim and Marsha
    5 - Kami and Karli
    4 - Brandon and Nicole
    3 - Kim and Chip
    2 - Linda and Karen
    1 - Dennis and Erika

    This'll be way off.

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    So far, me and Ilikai are on the Chip/Kim bandwagon. We have one vote for Dennis/Erika (who I say will get 2nd). So far, we have some simialar opinions.

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    Hopefully this is wrong but I think it will be as follows...

    1.Colin/Christie 4.Brandon/Nicole 7.Kami/Karli 10.Bob Joyce
    2.Alison/Donny 5.Marshall/Lance 8.Jim.Marsha 11. Mirna/Charla
    3.Chip/Kim 6.Dennis/Erika 9.Linda Karen
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