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Thread: Marshall & Lance

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    Quote Originally Posted by mom2
    "Wear the same gear as Marshall and Lance wore around the world ???"

    No, thank you. :rolleyes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thonolan
    Rude? In what way? The brothers drove off and joked about the help that they weren't getting. At least one of them were laughing... a dead giveaway that they were joking.
    Potato, potahto. You interpret it one way, I guess I interpret it another. I'm not going to pick nits, about it, but I just now went back and watched that scene again on my TiVo, and there was no laughter that you could see when they were in the car leaving the scene. Marshall (or Lance...I don't know, I still don't know which is which and really don't care all that much...whichever was the one driving) said as he was driving away, "All the people there, they were useless. That's what they were. They were useless foreigners." Um, hey big guy...you're in their country...which one of you is the (useless) foreigner?

    I do not like these two...at all.

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    It was a joke... and at least one of them did laugh.

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    Well I don't know whether it was a joke or not, but if it was a joke, it wasn't a very funny one.

    However, I wasn't a fan of these 2 even before this happened, so it's not a deal-breaker for me regardless.
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    Originally posted by Bravofan:
    Well I don't know whether it was a joke or not, but if it was a joke, it wasn't a very funny one.

    If that is humor at all, it's pretty stingy hateful humor. I mean, at least whenever Kevin and Drew tried to joke around, they made fun of themselves and complained about themselves, not about their surroundings or "dumb locals".

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    Thanks for the link and the restaurant info!

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    no problem La Gitana

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    I don't know what to think about these two, but I'm afraid my happy thoughts crumble with every episode. I'm trying to like them because, frankly, disliking teams makes my head hurt. How much is editing, I don't know. Someone commented they heard they are nice guys. There must some truth to it because you have to have people-skills to run a restaurant successfully. You can't really be like the "Soup-Nazi" from Seinfeld, right? Speaking of which, you would think the boys might be concerned about the way they're perceived by people and how it might affect their restaurant business. There's already at least one person in this thread who won't go to their restaurant. I'm sure there are others who feel the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grok
    There must some truth to it because you have to have people-skills to run a restaurant successfully
    I don't know... ask Rocco diSpirito...

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    i really like these guys

    hey this is completley off topic , but I watched season 1 on tape and Brennan got no air time Rob got a ton
    anyone else notice it?

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