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Thread: Marshall & Lance

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    From reading this bio, I'm not so impressed for the only male team, you'd think they'd choose at least a male team, that's a bit stronger, I mean now that the odds of an all-male team winning are 1 in 12, why not at least get a nice "physically" strong male-male team?

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    AR Boy
    Well... it's clear they own a restaurant haha...

    Sorry, but...
    In my opinion, these guys look and sound like complete b[mod edit]s.
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    I think i'll like this team! They remind me of Ken and Gerard...
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    I like these guys, they seem interesting, I think they are going to be like Ken & Gerard from Season 3

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    AR Boy
    ^ Nah... Ken and Gerard are way better than these fools.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TAR4 ATCSteve
    Here's a quote for ya'. " I am as blind as a bat." Give that one a try for a while.

    Humpf. Exactly like Steve and Dave??? Yikes! Time to apply for Extreme Makeover.
    Alright, I said you guys were similar after looking at their pictures...that's all. I've now seen more of them (from the "before the race interviews"), and I see you and Dave are nothing like them. I apologize profusely...no team will ever measure up to the greatness of Steve and Dave, and I don't think this team will even come close.

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    I do like these guys, but they dont need to win....They are already have a lot of money, they said their restraunt was sucesfull in their video interview on the CBS website. So I hope another team wins.

    They are like Rob & Brennan...Dont need to win

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    Quote Originally Posted by lalol
    They give me the vibe of Kevin/Drew my opinion on there are just normal since I didn't really like them in the first season.
    But I'm glad this is the only all male team this season
    I agree,lalol!

    I think CBS wanted less teams with two men because the teams with 2 men have won TAR every time,with the exception of Flo/Zach winning TAR3,but that must have been a fluke. I think these two are likable guys and they absolutely give the Kevin/Drew vibe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaius
    Lance does sound like a jerk, and I have a feeling this will be a mean-spirited, less humorous Kevin & Drew team.
    From this episode, I think I can confirm that they seem to be a mean-spirited, less humorous Kevin & Drew team. Sadly I don't think we have any wise cracking more "removed from the intensity" teams a la Kevin/Drew, Gary/Dave, Ken/Gerard this season.
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    I don't like these two. They are already making comments like "they have women driving back there so no way they can beat us", calling the other competitors stupid, and saying how much they hated the country they're visiting. I can't wait to see how they react to India, Thailand, or some other such place where TAR always seems to have a challenge involving an open air market in a bad part of town!
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