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Thread: Dennis & Erika

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    Certain points from Life! newspaper (from Singapore):
    1) They are back together.
    2) Dennis realised that the so-called "high maintenance" Erika is actually very understanding over the elimination in the first leg. Plus, she is a tough gal.
    3) Erika realised that Dennis is such a sweetheart and is so nice to people and considers her lucky to be with her.
    4) Erika's friend been to Singapore and likes it, so Erika said to Dennis that if he were to propose, it has to be in Singapore. [IMO, just courtesy talk haha ]

    And...well, Dennis' surname is Frentsos, thus quite possibly, he is a Greek. Well, its just a further proof and not a confirmation, so take it with a pinch of salt.

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    Wow, that's really nice to see the race brought those 2 together. They were really nice and I was sad and surprised to see them leave. Happy things are working our for them!

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    Well if they are still together then I guess everything went well with them when they were sequestered in "Loser Lodge".

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