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Thread: Charla & Mirna

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway
    I thought it was explained that they can only BUY one set of tickets, but they are certainly free to get on as many waiting lists as possible.
    That's correct. What happened with Marsha and her father is an example.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    Can somebody explain how Mirna is being rude to Charla? I think Mirna is doing a great job in pushing Charla. She gave her encouragment when eating the Caviar, telling her that she was doing great. If I was on this race and my partner was slow, I would keep telling them to keep going, exactly what Mirna is doing.

    Thank you!! I happen to agree with you 100%! People seem to forget this is a race with a HUGE prize at the end. What is wrong with encouraging your partner. I don't see Charla getting angry with Mirna, I think they work well together. I also don't see why everyone is getting on Mirna's case about being "rude" to the others. I don't see it and even if she IS...it just goes to show that she REALLY Wants to win and I don't see anything wrong with that.

    They are my favorite team! GO CHARLA/MIRNA!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nairb247
    I believe that is what I was told. Please correct me if I am wrong.
    From what I understand you are correct. At certain times (like the flight from LA to Uruguay) the teams are forced to take only certain flights and once they purchase their tickets they can't change their mind. But for most of the flights teams can do as they choose. As long as they do not ever buy Business class (First Class) they can buy multiple tickets for Economy Class (Coach seats) without any problem. I think the rules state that teams must turn in any unused tickets so that production can get credit for them ...

    Teams can get upgraded from economy to first class, they just can't purchase the First Class tickets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thonolan
    Sure it is, at least in game with $1,000,000 at stake.

    RIGHT ON!!!!

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    Thanks to all for the responses regarding what you can purchase in the way of tickets.

    With the memory nudge from Broadway, I tend to recall the incident he refers to when a team indicated they were screwed, but I can't recall who it was, and considering that it appeared that at least one team actually bought tickets on more than one flight this last episode, perhaps they were working under a misconception.

    While they were sitting on their thumbs at the Buenos Aires airport, even if they didn't check out other flights, I'm wondering whether they used the time to fill in some blanks. They could have inquired about the other teams, that alone should have shown them that there was more options available in theory, at least. They could have determined to some degree where they stood time wise in relation to the expected arrival in St. Petersburg of the others. They could also have looked around for a Russian to English dictionary or a map of St. Petersburg.

    I didn't think in this day and age airlines were too free with refunds, but nairb247's comment about FULL FARE tickets seems like it might tilt the scales. I have seen examples where a ticket bought for full fare can be several hundred percent more expensive than for those able to shop around for discounts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by realityluver
    That's just it... I don't hold people with diabilities to a higher standard. I do think that when people come on these shows with disabilities that a lot of the public automatically want to see them win... no matter how they are acting on the show.

    The poster in that article mentioned Eddie (from BB1) and Christy (Survivor). Neither of these people were all that nice (especially Eddie), but message boards tended to light up talking about Christy... about how great she is, she deserves to win, etc., (I left out Eddie 'cause I wasn't around the message boards then, but he did get a lot of public support). If you didn't like Christy, something was wrong with you. The same seems to be happening here.

    If you post anything disparaging about Charla, there are posters here ready to attack your every word. No matter what she does, someone is ready with an excuse for her. It's ok for me to not like Charla. Not because she is a little person, but because I don't like her attitude (and YES I believe she has one.)

    I give her all the credit in the world for doing the show, and I think she probably is the strongest woman there, but I still don't like her (or her cousin) as they are portrayed on the show.

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    Mirna is incouraging? you bet!!! the way she told Charla "concentrate on what you are doing, put the damn thing in your mouth, shove it!!!!" sounds like words she knew by heart and probly was and has been told to her by lots of guys!!!!!

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    Help me out here......Is the money that the teams are given for each leg of the trip cumulative? As in what you don't spend increases what you have to work with from trip to trip?
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    I don't think Mirna's words to Charla bother Charla at all. At least we haven't heard Charla tell Mirna that she is being too vocal.

    Many many men have told their slower female partner to move faster, and very often in much less kinder terms. Mirna does have to be a bit aggressive, because she has to be the "stronger" partner in many ways that are usually filled by men. I thought Colin was far more in the wrong to snap at Mirna, than she was for "interrupting."

    And, yes, the Shmirna thing really bugs me. Her name is Charla.

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    Replying to kryjar's post of 7/29 at 12:32 AM

    I haven't watched TAR prior to last season, but when I have seen someone riding a team member to speed it up, it is either because the other member doesn't appear to be going all out or the one doing the prompting just cannot restrain themselves from taking a taskmaster tone.

    Charla, whatever other faults she may have, does not appear to be a slacker. I tend to disagree that Mirna needs to be aggressive, at least where Charla's attitude toward giving it her all is concerned. Most of those that I have seen take the aggressive position repeatedly that Mirna is adopting seem to do it as much based on something within themselves, rather than what is occurring with their teammate, IMO.

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