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Thread: Charla & Mirna

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    Yup. Them too. Now they're fffft ffffft fffft! (quoting Andy Dick)
    All things beautiful do not have to be full of color to be noticed; in
    life that which is unnoticed has the most power.

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    Charla seems really cool. She really is the strongest woman there.

    Mirna on the other hand. She talks so negativley of everyone else and calls them disgusting and says "look what I have to deal with."

    I think Collin was right when he said she was "Rude." She is. I don't know if she is in real life but she is being edited to be rude.

    When she jumped in in the middle of his conversation with the guy at the bus station all of my preconcived thoughts about her were confirmed. She is rude. I tell my 5 year old not to interrupt, and she shouldn't either.

    She is running a good race, but gimme a break. Look in the mirror when you say all the other teams are disgusting.

    The whole "love fest" she has for Phil, bugs me too.

    The first time it was funny. The fourth time when she kissed him. It is getting old.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    I couldn't stand how Colin went and bought four sets of tickets, just so C & M couldn't get on the later train....
    It's called "payback" and, like Mirna, it's a b*tch.

    Mirna was incredibly rude when interrupting his discussion with the bus guy. She could've waited a minute to speak instead of butting in like that. So, after Colin got better information on his own & without her interference, why should he allow them to share in it? I would've done the same thing.

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    i heart charla & myrna!

    personally i love myrna's attitude. they have stayed on top, not by playing nice but by playing tough.

    charla and myrna are the dog's bollocks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by prhoshay
    I sure would like to hear from a little person on this board. I'd like to know how Charla and Mirna are being perceived by other little people.
    I'm also curious about what the Armenian-American is saying about these two. Aside from the initial rehash of the CBS press release on www.armeniandiaspora.com, I haven't seen any other mention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nairb247
    Charla seems really cool. She really is the strongest woman there.
    I agree, this little gal is a wonder. She carried that beef when even some guys were struggling. She ate the caviar without complaint and quickly, when bigger, heavier women were whining, crying, and laying on the floor feeling sick. She has a never say die attitude and should make some of the others feel shame (including her partner - that whiny, obnoxious cousin of hers) that they don't have her pluck. I would love to see her win, what a coup that would be.

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    Somebody posted this on Television Without Pity and it was so touching and true I thought I'd post it here:

    Credit to Zron:

    I've done some thinking about Charla's behaviour, her depiction on the show, and her stated goal to break stereotypes. I have realized that she has already succeeded. She doesn't need to win, she doesn't need to do anything except be on the show and be herself - whoever that happens to be.

    Depictions of persons with disabilities on series television are not usually nuanced. Such characters are most often brought in as objects of pity, as warnings, as inspirations. You rarely see a genuine person who has good days and bad, good traits and bad.

    Reality TV, in contrast to scripted series, provides an opportunity for persons with disabilities to be seen as they are, as real and complex individuals. Charla isn't just inspirational, or helpless, or anything else. She has layers, dimensions - just like every other racer. One moment we see her outperforming her able-bodied partner on a physical challenge; the next we see her shamelessly exploiting someone's sympathies. She's a real live little person, showing us who she is, and she can't easily be pigeonholed into people's perceptions of what she should be.

    I have noticed the same thing with other persons with disabilities on reality shows - Eddie on BB1, and Christy on Survivor. They weren't always nice or helpless or inspirational. This can create a bit of cognitive dissonance in people.

    I remember the first time I met a wheelchair user who happened to be an asshole. A genuine, annoying, make-you-want-to-smack-him, dickhead. I thought "This isn't right; I'm supposed to be nice to people like this. But what I want to do is slash his tires!" It was eye-opening, and it helped me get better at seeing people for who they are rather than what category they fall into.

    For many viewers, Charla may be the first genuine non-able bodied person that they have had any exposure to. And I think she is doing a great job of showing that, really, she's no different than anyone else. She's just a person. And in doing that, she's breaking the most significant sterotype of them all.

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    Great post, Grover and I agree. Why are people with disabilities held to a higher standard than the rest of us? Mirna's excellent lawyer skills came in to play once again at the bus station. She had every right to ask the bus guy questions and interrupt Colin, if the bus guy didn't want to talk to Mirna, that was his decision, not the all-powerful Colin. Who died and gave Colin a monopoly on Argentinian bus schedules? As Mirna, said, 'you can do what ever the hell you like.' Colin constantly is condescending to Christie, but finally Christie showed a little spine and shot back last night, so much for her Miss America persona. Charla and Mirna are doing well not because of luck, but because they're shrewd, and are willing to try options. I did find Mirna calling some of the other contestants, 'criminals' sort of weird, but I think she was just stressed out. They've become hostile to some of the other contestants, simply because of past incidences, , who's to blame them. I see them winning this, or at least coming in 2nd, unless the detours become more physical.

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    Why are people with disabilities held to a higher standard than the rest of us?
    Its the other way around, older people tend to PITTY the disabled person and feel sorry for them while younger people might put on a nice face but usually make fun of the disabled person...I've never seen a disabled person held up to a higher standard...

    I agree with that article and I'm guilty of stereotyping little people like Charla before watching this...shes no different than any other human being and she seems like a great person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotuslander
    She had every right to ask the bus guy questions and interrupt Colin, .... As Mirna, said, 'you can do what ever the hell you like.' ... I did find Mirna calling some of the other contestants, 'criminals' sort of weird, but I think she was just stressed out.
    Why is it that anyone has the *right* to interrupt anyone? It is never okay to interrupt, but it was certainly her right to ask the guy questions. If she didn't interrupt the bus driver when he was responding to Colin, I'm certain she wouldn't have gotten the reaction from him that she did.

    Why is it that it's okay for Mirna to tell Colin "you can do whatever the hell you like", but when she calls him a criminal it's just "weird" and you just chalk it up to stress? I don't get the hypocritical justification. Are the others not going through stress, too?

    Charla is fabulous. The only conflict I've ever had with her is that she says that she came on the show to prove that she can physically do anything that anyone else can do, but then she turns around and tries to exploit the very handicap that she wants others to ignore. Sure, it's not bad game play and I wouldnt criticize her at all if she hadn't said that she didn't want her physical limitations to come into play. Other than that, she's absolutely fabulous.

    Mirna is rude and brash to everyone around her, including Charla. She alone has burned all bridges between her team and all of the others. At this point, I simply can't overlook her treatment of Charla.. it's inexcusable.

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