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Thread: Remeber Kevin and Drew?

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    right behind you

    Remeber Kevin and Drew?

    I am on their mailing list

    wait! Maybe they are sending the letter JUST to me. Yah, that's the ticket

    Anyhoodle. They wanted to let me know that:

    Quote Originally Posted by part of the letter
    ...Just a quick note to alert you to our appearance this week on The Wayne Brady Show! ....With any luck, Wayne will also let us plug our new show – Kevin and Drew Unleashed! –premiering real soon on The Discovery Channel (current word is that it will be first week of May; however, that is subject to change)......
    So I went to What's on section of Wayne's website

    and got this:

    Quote Originally Posted by the schedule
    · Friday - March 26th
    · Steven Weber
    · Lainie Kazan
    · Jenifer Lewis
    · Kevin & Drew (Amazing Race)
    so, anyone interested, be sure to check it out
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    I just saw a commercial for their show on Discovery channel. Nothing is set up on the site yet, but I found the schedule:

    Jul 08, 2004 @10:00 PM
    Kevin and Drew Unleashed
    Episode 1
    Kevin and Drew work at an alligator farm in Florida, harvesting eggs from under the nose of a watchful gator mother and cleaning the baby gators' tanks. In New England, they take the unusual job of harvesting a cranberry bog.

    Jul 15, 2004 @10:00 PM
    Kevin and Drew Unleashed
    Episode 2
    At a New Age health spa in Upstate New York, Drew climbs to new heights and Kevin has some trouble in the mud. Their next stop involves a brewery, where they need to learn to make beer faster than they can drink it.

    Jul 22, 2004 @10:00 PM
    Kevin and Drew Unleashed
    Episode 3
    Kevin and Drew travel to Oklahoma to work on a ranch, branding colts and riding mechanical bulls. In South Carolina they attempt to handle the deep water world of shrimping, without suffering from seasickness first.

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    Waaaah! This sounds like fun but I don't get it because the Discovery Channel in Canada is different than the U.S.

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    Awwww Q I'm sorry you missed this! I thought it was really fun....kept me up into the wee hours of the morning this morning cause I caught the replay of the show not realizing it was on until I was heading to bed. Lots and lots of fun, the boys easily filled an hour with their antics and kept me laughing out loud.

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    That's right libra, rub it in.

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