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Thread: TAR 2 EP 9 Recap

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    TAR 2 EP 9 Recap

    Teams find out that they need to get to Queenstown New Zealand. They need to get their 4X4 to a 3 section Tractor Trailer, have the driver take them and their 4X4 to some gas station, where they are on their own to get 1 of 2 charter flights to the Airport, and then make their own way to Queenstown.

    When there they find a Detour: Bungee jump off a platform that is 450 feet in the air, or walk down a mountain to the bottom to get the next clue.

    Find a sheep station where they find a roadblock. The team member who performs the roadblock must be ready for a wild and wooly ride. Get into a pen with 22 sheep. 3 of those sheep are black… segregate them to the BACK of the pen (Where the hell is Sean when you need him?). Go to the Pit Stop.

    I’m doing the team recap in the order that they left the Pit Stop:

    CHRIS AND ALEX, or ALEX AND CHRIS, I have no friggin idea:
    They have 1 ½ hour lead over basically all the other teams. They get the 4X4 to the gas station where they book flights by phone to New Zealand. We are luckily given subtitles when Chris talks… or is it Alex… I have no friggin idea! They are still there when two of the other teams arrive. They are still there when those two teams head off for the charter flights. They are still there when one of those teams comes back. They are still there when the last team arrives. They are still there now.

    They have figured out that it really doesn’t matter when teams get to the big airport because the earliest flight leaves the next morning anyway.

    They make the 2nd charter flight. All teams wind up on the same final plane into Queenstown. C & A get pissed off because B & P LIED and brought their bags on the plane with them. This prompts the other teams to stall when the plane lands to ensure that the other three teams get off at the same time as the luggage. They hold it up for 15 minutes.

    When they arrive at the detour Chris (Or Alex, I still have no friggin idea) informs us that he’s going to have a “HOT ATTACK”….. oh, sorry, that’s a HEART attack. Unfortunately, for someone who got pissed about a team that has lied, they have no problem telling a lie now… no one has a hot or heart attack!

    They jump like the wicked smaht manly men that they are. Find the next clue and head off for the sheep station.

    They get lost on the way, but do finally get there. Chris (or Alex, I have no friggin idea) decides to perform the task. He wants to tackle the sheep when he realizes that his sheep whispering techniques are not at all working. He actually re-reads the rules to see if tackling is allowed. It’s not. He completes the task and they head off (a whole 10 feet away) to the Pitstop……..


    Paige is so escited and informs us that she has never ridden in an 18 wheeler before. I hate to be the one to break it to ya honey, but you still haven’t. These things have something like 42 wheels.

    They arrive at the gas station and take off immediately for the charter flight. They make the first one, but realize that, although it could be a good idea, everyone else might be using the phone to book their flights.

    Well, it seems that everyone else DID use the phone, and B & P get on a later flight. It doesn’t matter though because as I mentioned above all the teams get the same final flight out.

    After the big stall technique on the plane B & P wind up last to get a cab. They dicide it will be to their advantage to go for the FF. They must take a ride on a jet boat and spot the marker. This is the fastest boat I’ve ever seen. I have no idea how it propels itself. The water looks so shallow, and at times they are so close to shore it looks as though they are about to crash. It’s a wild ride, that they both enjoy. They spot the marker, claim the FF and head off for the Pitstop…….


    Remember how I said that Chris and Alex were still at the gas station when other teams arrived? One of those teams were T & W. Tara greets the boston boys by practically taking off her shirt. I truly think she caught sight of the camera man just in time.
    T & W were also the team that came back to the gas station after heading off once for the charter. They were following B & P and about a mile from the planes decided that Blake didn’t know where he was going, so they turned around.

    When they get back to the gas station Wil quits… again. If only it were in the rule book that if one team member utters the words “I Quit” they are out of the race. We wouldn’t have seen Wil and Tara since Nevada.

    When Wil realizes that the detour involves a bungee jump he turns white as snow, then a lovely shade of green. I truly think he will quit once again. He doesn’t, and they make the jump. He believes that this means that he and Tara are back together.

    WIL: Aren’t we back together now?
    TARA: No way man.
    WIL: But I opened my eyes on the way down.
    TARA: No way man.
    WIL: Oh

    Wil starts to drive to the sheep station, but can’t get the car out of low gear. They switch seats and Tara manages to get the truck going again, prompting Wil to want to drive again!

    Wil does the road block and we are treated to shots of an ass in a sheep pen.
    WIL: White sheep this way, black sheep that way….GO
    This doesn’t work and he actually has to herd them. He gets the job done and they head off for the Pitstop…….


    The guy that they get to drive them and their 4X4 is apparently on valium and moves in slow motion. Although they are only 4 minutes behind Tara and Wil, they get to the gas station a good half hour later. Again I guess I will mention that none of this matters as the show always gives us the GREAT EQUALIZER anyway.

    While waiting for their turn to jump Os crosses himself in prayer and Danny paces nervously. Danny is scared strait…. Well maybe not strait, but he certainly is scared!

    Os screams (Like a woman… his words, not mine). They are hugging each other like Madonna and child all the way down. Danny starts off with a great scream, but it quickly changes to laughter. I really think these two are enjoying themselves more than any other team.

    They get lost on the way to the sheep station, but in true Os and Dan fashion, they make a friend who gives them directions.

    Os is the sheepherder for this duo. He really makes pretty quick work of it. He’s just prancing around the sheep laughing. He gets 3 black sheep and one white sheep in the pen. He then opens the BACK of the pen up to get the last white sheep out….. I guess we’ll have to see if there is a penalty for that…..


    1st Blake and Paige, who win a vacation to Puerto Rico.
    2nd Wil and Tara
    3rd Chris and Alex
    4th Dan and Os

    This, of course, was a non elimination round, so all four teams are still in it. Wil and Tara are the only ones who have not used the FF. This could be big for them.

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    Thanks for posting these Cali! I love to read back over the TAR stuff! It is such a great show!
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    It's great to be able to read the archived recaps through again.
    Good to have a look back and a laugh.
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