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Thread: TVGuide Scoop on TAR5!

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    I like it, after sleeping on it for the night.
    Yeah, I guess I'm not as irked as I was last night, but I still think it makes it more likely that a team will get unfairly lost--like getting a bad cabbie. No matter how nice you are to the people, if they give you bad directions, they give you bad directions.

    It will make it interesting, though!

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    FORT Regular Thearnon's Avatar
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    I definetly like it. I think communicating with the local people that live in that culture is going to become absolutely critical. That has always been one of the things that has drawn me to this show is the interaction the racers have had with the people of these various cultures and participating in challenges and events that are representative of those areas. That is one reason I really liked the cheese challenge last season.

    It seems like it would definetely be advantageous to speak with many people rather than just relying on what 1 person says.

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    I to Thearon, especially with the communication aspect of it all. Should be interesting to see.

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    That's a GREAT idea! That will be awesome to see play out on TV

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    So is this the drastic change that was mentioned before in this forum ?

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    TAR4 ATC Dave
    I'm wondering how this will play out, if it is indeed true. On the plus side, I do like the required interaction with the locals - we actually had great success when that's what we had to do (i.e. - in Vienna, finding the Figarohaus (sp?), or in LeMans trying to find the main highway to Marseilles).

    However, I can also see bad things happening. I look at our experience in Venice, where there was only one local in the whole train station who could even pretend to speak english - and it took us on a detour.

    All in all this seems to give an advantage to those who speak languages other than English. Since the folks who cast the show know what other languages you speak (they ask in the app), it could also lead to problems there, as the producers know the route before the show is cast (and are involved in the casting process). If they are going to Germany for several legs, and only one team speaks German, they have arguably given that team a built-in advantage.

    But still, Bert is a very intelligent man. If he thinks this is a good idea, who am I to question him?


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    But from the viewers' point, it will be more fun, more exciting to watch.

    But from the contestants' point, it will be fun, it will be exciting, maybe, and it definitely will be more risky.

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    AR Boy
    I won't worry... no maps is just... scabby. The teams can buy maps, anyways. I won't worry.
    Team Money
    Zach:Jesus Christ Flo, do you want $1,000,000 or not?
    Flo: YOU BLEW IT! WE'RE NOT GONNA GET IT!!! The taxi to the pit stop costs $18!!!
    40 mins later
    Zach:... Flo that cab is ours.
    30 mins later at pit stop.
    Phil: Flo and Zach, 2130 miles, 1 continent....
    Flo: We won? Yay!
    Zach: There's something odd about this...
    Phil You've both been eliminated from the amazing race. Steve and Dave came here with a broken leg and beat you by at least 3 days.
    Zach: Shit. Maybe we shouldn't of brought that map... Flo was a whiny bitch over that helpful stuff...
    *Flo runs away*
    Sorry I'm tired...

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    Personally, I think this is a great thing.

    Yes, it does make it harder. Yes, it means that there is a greater likelihood that people will occasionally get lost. Yes, it means that on some legs, some teams may have an advantage over others.

    But those things all make for great viewing!!

    Frankly, with the way that some of this past season's contestants - Millie and Chip (yes, Chip, not Chuck) spring to mind - treated the locals, I imagine that the producers want the contestants to be forced to be a little nicer to people. I couldn't believe how rude Chip was to people in India(?) when things weren't going his way as far as flights were concerned and he had to go to that travel agency that wasn't open yet. I thought he would have a hissy fit.

    Not having maps forces interaction. Interaction that gets results requires tact. Tact would be a really good thing.

    This past season, people left the checkpoints and then they reached the airport at staggered times, but still wound up pretty much all on the same flights. Not having maps means that the playing field WON'T be quite so even all the time. That's cool with me.
    Blogging away in my LaughAtlantis world...

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    When I first heard this, my initial reaction was mildly negative.

    Reading maps has caused teams grief in the past, just as much as not being able to get help from locals. So, I say they both (maps, locals) provide help at times, confusion at times, so why get rid of either.

    I liked the Venice Detour. You could choose to use a map in the gondola without local help, or map on the "streets" with local help. A perfect combination of options.

    Also, there have been times when they have had to get to some rather obscure places--ones that the average local (or even most locals) may not know of. How lame (and boring if shown on TV) would it be to have teams asking, oh I don't know, about 29 locals each to try to find the "nearby farm" with the haystacks from TAR3, etc.

    If they truly intend to not allow maps, they'd have to stick to more mainstream destinations that at least a fair amount of locals would know of. That could potentially take away from the show.

    Also, what about when all the teams leave between midnight and 4am, for example, and have no earthly idea where Destination X is. Will we get to see them all travel to the local "Travel Information Office" and camp out until morning. Boy just what we need--another potential equalizer and exciting "camped outside of somewhere" footage. Or, maybe instead, we'd get to see middle-of-the-night scenes of Racers waking up angry residents at their homes.

    Racers (Yelling Frantically in a language that may not even be understood): I know it is 3:00am, but it is extremely important that I find out where John Doe's Wool Farm and Dune Buggy Track is. And I hear they have a restaurant that serves Live Octopi, if that helps.
    Local: (Grabs phone to call for the local "authorities")
    Racers: And, if any Clowns or Virgins or any other Dynamic Duos show up could you lead them on a wild goose chase, please.

    But, seriously, I don't have the TV Guide with me, and can't remember the exact wording, but wasn't there something in parentheses? Didn't it say something like...
    ...blah blah blah no maps [at the beginning of each leg] blah blah blah...

    Are they normally provided with some map or maps at the beginning of each leg?

    Maybe they just aren't going to ALWAYS give maps.

    And surely they wouldn't prohibit them from acquiring their own, would they?

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