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Thread: Applying for The Amazing Race 5

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    You know, that may not be an entirely good idea, as if I'm not mistaken those tapes become the property of CBS and TAR's producers when you submit them. They may not want it out for public consumption. If you want to do it privately, that's fine. But there could be conceivable problems if you make it public.

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    Leo, I was thinking the same thing...

    Edited to add: It's amazing to me how many people want to sabotage their chances to get on the show. Just apply, keep quiet about it, and hopefully get on. Don't rock the boat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    Leo, I was thinking the same thing...

    Edited to add: It's amazing to me how many people want to sabotage their chances to get on the show. Just apply, keep quiet about it, and hopefully get on. Don't rock the boat.
    OK, OK point taken. Forget I mentioned it. After we get on the race and win, we'll come back and be just as kind and helpful as Dave and Steve. On the off chance we don't get in and win, perhaps then we can share the video for some heavy critiquing?

    Thanks, great site by the way!


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    Our application was received yesterday

    My buddy Josh and I applied.

    We are former roommates, who are going into business together. We had a good time filling out the application and shooting the video. We both already have passports.

    I recognize it's a long shot, but man would it be cool to do this race.

    Good luck Everyone!!!


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    We applied..

    Hi all. My sister-in-law and myself applied for TAR 5..we have been wanting to do this for quite a while. We are both in our 20's. My wife and her husband are brother and sister. She was also a St. Louis Rams Cheerleader for a few years, and now is in marketing and administration..I am hoping that helps us get an interview at least, and I work in the mortgage industry and also very involved in music ministry at my church. I guess, she can be the beauty and I can be the beast if we make to TAR 5!!

    Has anyone looked at the audtion videos from TAR 3 on CBS.com. ? What did you all think of them? For those of you who applied, do you do very creative videos, or did you concentrate on telling about yourselves etc...like an interview type video???? I think our video was really good..very creative and gave us a chance to show our personallities quite well.

    Peace and God bless,

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    TAR 5 FACTS/Info from app drop

    I like many of you on this board applied for TAR 5 after finally making the decsion to stop being so dang lazy. Anyway I had delivered my package to the address listed in Santa Monica. Not sure if this has been discussed yet but it is not a production office as many believed but instead a mailbox etc type of packing store. I walked in at 4:40 today deadline day and was greeted with about 300 or so packages scattered about the floor. Anyway I ended up having a lengthy discussion with the shop owner and found out some interesting info. It appears that a number of people drove in from out of state to hand deliver their apps wrongly assuming the address was the production office and they might be able to meet someone from the TAR staff to increase their chances of being picked. i think the farthest he said someone came from was ohio, Yikes!! Anyway I met several other applicants and we briefly discussed what we had done on the video etc. Okay now back to the interesting stuff, first my app was the last accepted for TAR 5. How do i know this you may ask well we waited until the owner said he would not accept anymore then had him sign his business card with a note saying we were the last team to make it and attached that to the front of our package. The guy estimated that approx 10,000 applications had come in for TAR 5, a 1/10,000 chance at winning a million isnt bad at all

    I know its a little of topic but not that the application process is over im curious exactly what people did to stand out?

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    Very interesting info. Good luck.

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    that is very interesting. so putting yours as the last one to be received does that mean they watch them in the order they receive them?

    10,000 that is quite a bit less than the past.

    I assume you are from so cal and didn't make the long drive to hand deliver it.

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    i Fedex my application to the address listed in the application. The
    fedex actual delivery address was different. Has this happen to anyone else?

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    No they have no way of knowing what order they were delivered in as far as i could tell as most people hand delivering them were just coming in and putting theirs on top of the stack.

    I thought this number sounded low, how many people on average have applied to past shows?

    Okay i have on other quick story, the guy told me one girl that had dropped off a tape yesterday had rented a car and drove to LA from las Vegas in the spur of the moment after missing the fedex cutoff on the 7th. I think if I was going that hard i would have shot my video while i was driving down so they could see how much i wanted to win

    Yes i am from los angeles
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