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Thread: Amazing Race 4 Wins an Emmy!

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    Thanks RC's Mum!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by rc'smum
    They were present when Phil was presented with his Emmy!

    They said That Phil was deliriously happy!!

    Bert and Elise let them hold their Emmy!

    Reichen said everyone was crying and hugging and going crazy.

    He said many pictures were being taken and they , all of them were being interviewed by everyone--Oprah, CNN, all networks etc.
    I'll bet Moonvres is glad he renewe TAR for another season!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks RC's Mum for the tidbits on tonight's Emmy! I am still in awe
    and state of shock or shall I say JOY! I am so happy for Bertram
    and Buckheimer (did I spell it right?) I am also happy for CBS and Phil
    and all the contestants and crew who worked so hard on this show!
    Reichen and Chip didn't eat raw and live octopi for nothing after all!
    I am still very much teary eyed... I hope that CBS learns a lesson
    that you cannot put a GOOD SHOW down! Survivor and American
    Idol may have the ratings, but the Amazing Race have the
    Quality, Originality, Ingenuity and Intelligence and us FANS!!!
    I can't wait to see all the pictures of them at the Emmy's!
    Please give my sincerest CONGRATULATIONS to Reichen and Chip.
    Thanks again Mum for everything!!! And please remember,
    THE BEST IS YET TO COME for both of them!!!

    To Art, no I did not apply as I am a Canuck...

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    This has just made my day. I am on the west coast and I couldn't wait until the awards so I checked online at 7:00PM Pacific time, but they hadn't presented the award yet. So I was very excited while watching the Emmys.

    I knew they won when they had Jeff and Ryan present an award together. They all felt sorry for them that they wouldn't be on stage later on so they let them present the award since Phil would be on the stage anyway accepting their EMMY!!!

    I can't even describe how happy I am right now!!!!

    Congrats to THE AMAZING RACE!!!!!

    I now believe the Academy actually does choose quality over popularity.

    THE AMAZING RACE won Zap2it.com Emmy Shadow Poll!
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    LOL NBCDaytimeFan . Damn right! Way to go to the Academy. Quality over Popularity

    Wait, this is the first year for this particular category right? So no other show, Survivor or whatever, has won in this category? So that means TAR is the first winner in the category? Well congratulations again.

    I think I was reading in here that people said Chip & Reichen went on stage? I watched it, but didn't see them!
    IMO, though, Bertram should have had a memorized speech or something, instead of reading everything off of a piece of paper.

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    yahoo!!!!! congratulations TAR!!!!!

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    Finally watched it! Awesome!

    They deserved it, and I was absolutely thrilled to see Phil and company up there. May they win many many more!

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    Whooh.. That DEFINITELY means TAR5!!!!! Thank God .. CBS will now get a clue about what's a better program and keep TAR on...

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    Yay! This news gave me chills AND brought tears to my eyes! Or maybe I have the flu??? Nah, it was the Emmy news!! WTG TAR!!!

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    This award better make them stay on for 20 more years ...or at least 19. It is the best Reality show ever.

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    This is fantastic news!

    And I missed the awards show. Actually, truth be told, I wasn't home and didn't even know they were on (living under rock at moment). This is actually where I first saw the news, and I'm happy. Whoo hoo!!

    Just so excited. Goodygoodygoodygoodygoody (Did I mention I was excited?)

    Anyhow, great news for the future of the show. Outstanding. It is well deserved.
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    Yay! This is the best news I've heard this week (okay, okay, I know it's only Monday now). Long live TAR!!!

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