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Thread: Favorite: Detour? Roadblock? Fast Forward?

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    Quote Originally Posted by frillybunny
    don't forget Kelly's cookie.
    Gee thanks, I was trying very very hard to forget that mental image.
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    Yea the Masquerade Ball (Mask roadblock) was really cool but one my teams had a struggle ... Also... according to Amanda and Chris after the race questions.. he said it was really hard.. like 10 rooms with a billion masked people walking around in each one.. i wonder exactly how long did it take them to do it and how many rooms did they have to go to becuz it looked like all the racers found it so race and so easy
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    Favorite detour for this this season:

    1.) Strong Stomach/Strong Hands. The expression of Reichen, chip, david, jeff and Kelly while doing this detours are awesome.

    Favorite Roadblocks

    1.) the Masquerade roadblock which is so freaking hard for me.

    2.) the bull-racing in India where Tian really wowed us.

    Favorite FastForward

    1.) the orangutan in malaysia. it's a nice thing that the Chippendales are the one who won the fast forward

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    I forgot about David and Jeff's Lifeguard Roadblock... The victim was so cool. She gave them absolutely no help, just acted dead. LOL!

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    I'm a sucker for sky-diving or bungee-jumpiong challenges.

    1. The bull-pulling in India (yes, I liked that challenge)

    2. Swimming under the ice in Korea (what can I say? It was a cool challenge, and there were hot guys too )

    3. The racetrack thing at Le Mans in France

    1. Dragon or Lion from TAR 2

    2. Strong Hands/Strong Stomach

    Fast Forward:
    1. The one Steve and Josh did in the ballroom

    2. The Venice one with Stave and Dave's "operation"

    3. Lifeguard rescue - damn funny.

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    great list... David and Jeff were hell funny during that FF.

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    I have one from each season:

    AR1: (Detour) Bungee jumping in Africa (Kevin's "swing you fat bastard, swing!" still cracks me up; and the look on Paul and Margarita's face)
    (Roadblock) The kayaks in Thailand

    AR2: (Detour) The boat rowing on the river in Thailand
    (Roadblock) The batcave

    AR3: (Detour) The rappling in Portugal- Flo's freaking out, Gerard yelling at Ken to pretend there's a dozen donuts at the bottom, Teri yelling at Ian to shut up
    (Roadblock) The pole vaulting in Scotland-it was more funny seeing Jill than Teri
    (FF) JVJ eating the cheese

    AR4: (Detour) Toss up between the elephant ride in India and the strong hands/stomach in Korea
    (Roadblock) The party in Italy
    (FF) The windmill in Holland

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    since Im a chip and reichen fan, my favs were
    the ice swim in korea, way to go chip!
    swimming with the sharks, reichen keeps your hands together
    bungee jumping, way to go guys
    orangatan santuary, really sweet
    sky diving, love the "wheres my boy" comment,awww
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    cow poo road block

    last nite i was watching the race and it was teh one with the cow poo roadblock whos idea was that??? yukky!!! eww imagine how smelly it would be!!! gross!!!! lol i like cows but not cow pooo

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