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Thread: Our Interview with Reichen and Chip, the Winners

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    Thanks John for a great interview - obviously I wasn't the only one who suggested the question about the status of their relationship. I truly hope they work out their problems - if they can make it through TAR, I imagine they can make it through anything. They also seem like such a well-suited couple.

    And if you're out there - thanks to the both of you, Reichen and Chip, for helping to make this a great season of TAR. You were a joy to watch - although you did make all of us straight women sad!

    Sadness overwhelms me now that TAR is done...

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    Quote Originally Posted by yelluwsky
    I really hope they will stay together. They are so compatible to each other, it's like the Chinese symbol of Yin and Yan. A perfect match
    The Chinese word Yin means female/water/cool and Yan means male/earth/hot, so it may be stretching a bit to apply the combination to this couple. But I agree they are a good match regardless.

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    John, from reading the interview, even before I read your last sentence, I totally got the impression that you COULD have talked to them all day!! These guys sound so wonderful. Great interview...just great.

    Congrats Chip and Reichen!!! You ran a truly excellent race. Truly deserving!!

    John, you are a lucky man to have been able to talk to most of this years teams. Every single one of the interviews has been excellent! Thank you
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    John, this is the first show I've seen that you did interviews for. Will you continue to do more interviews for other shows? You have quite the knack for it.

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    Many worries and questions in my mind are just in that interview thanks!

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    C&R, I hope you two work things out. Congratulations and best of luck to you both!

    Thanks again for another great season, John!

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    Dave Cullen
    OK, I had only skimmed sections of the interview when I posted the first time. Wanted to get a few quick nuggets for my blog, and wanted to let people know about the other interview in Advocate.

    But I just finished it and it was FANTASTIC! Really nice work. Good flow, good questions, sounded like a real conversation. And isn't it great to have such an intelligent, articulate couple win? Great to hear from people who can convey what they were going through. I love these guys.

    I was so glad to hear everything with Jon was all in fun. I've been saying that for weeks and taking a lot of shit about it. The four of them seemed to be having a ball together. So what if Jon makes a lot of gay cracks?--that's what you do when you're comfortable with someone. It's only the people I really like being around who razz me about being a homo.

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    Ugh, makes the victory worse...recruited, not folks that love the show and killed themselves to apply. First the Who tell us they are picked up at a bar by some casting chicks, now the marrieds too. What happened to the folks who actually applied and wanted to do this show for the love of it????

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    This interview was definately the best. Just reading gave me the impression that you had many other questions toask, not to mention many others tht we would like to read about.
    Thanks very very much for all the interviews this season

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    Dave Cullen
    I had mixed feelings about the recruitment part, too. Feels very star-is-born (though that might be the wrong reference--never got my gay license on old movies either): regular guy just discovered walking down the street: "I'm going to make you a stAAAAAAAAA!"

    But then the reality of applying and being ignored. I can see it, though. If I were casting, how much can you trust a tape. You know instantly when you meet someone in person (though it sounds like this guy picked R BEFORE they met, just on sight. I'm sure he was watching R interact, though.)

    But I loved the part where R said he had a husband and the guy really went crazy. Nice to see someone excited about a person contradicting steroetypes. As much as I love what Mark Burnett has done w/ Survivor, that man is all about reinforcing them.

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