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Thread: Who has the BEST goodbye-speech ?

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    Keep them coming in as TAR draws to an end this week...

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    For TAR4 :

    Jon and Al's - Very touching and they didn't show how disappointed they are and still said some positive things, miss them two!

    Tian and Jaree's - It was very funny!

    For TAR2 :

    Cha cha cha's - They taught us how to enjoy our life!

    Itchy and Scratchy - i didn't really liked them but it was quite funny how Gary blammed everyone for their lost!

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuizMaster
    On that note... Who will have the best speech of the three remaining? I'm pretty sure that Kelly and Jon won't make it to the end, and I can't wait for theirs! Jon has been quite humble in describing the relationship he shares with Kelly, and the producers have been showing her in terrible moods. I see her bowing out gracefully, giving her fiance props.
    Well, it's her final time on TV... so she and Jon better say something nice... I reckon...

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    i love tian and jaree's speech!
    so funny! i was sad to see them go, though...


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    I'm sure Reichen and Chip's will melt even more hearts...

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    I thought the clowns had the most touching, and the models were great too...very cute and funny good sports..

    I thought the virgins were the worst, millie practically turned away from the camera...walked off...they were sooo grim and desperate..
    post show interviews they are still "sore" about the race...say they "replay it daily" in their heads.

    this is a new theory I have tho, that j/k won...if say the clowns or goats won the virgins would be happier...

    j/k would be worst for them to handle winning, and maybe the chips would also not please em JMO

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    Putting yourself in Millie and Chuck's shoes ? Well, I think who wins doesn't bother them...

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    Millie and Chuck's goodbye speech was really touching for me. Like Millie, i'm way too competitive. I would be just as weepy and distraught if we lost by minutes because of a mistake i've made.
    I think that the fact that they lost by mere minutes and not that they lost to Kelly/Jon was the reason why they kept replaying that moment in their heads. They would be just as disappointed if it were the clowns/goats/gay couple that sent them packing.

    The clowns' goodbye speech is a close second
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    For me it's a three way tie between Weezer and Geezer's "I have what I want right here," Jon and Al's "role model" speach and, of course, "I'm keeping the cheese, mister." from the ATC's.

    (Although Millie's last, forlorn, backwards look when she gets eliminated is pretty devastating.)

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    The clowns. They were touching and seemed to still have a strong friendship. They are all about the positive.

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