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Thread: Our Interview with Jon & Al

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    Quote Originally Posted by lol_its_fun
    I was so emotional ( angry and upset ) the moment when they got eliminated. Last night, I was still thinking how nice it would be if there is no NEL. Jon and Kelly, you are the last team to arrive, I am sorry but you've both got eliminate. David and Jeff, you are the last team to arrive, I am sorry but you've both got eliminated. Woohoo, if there is no NEL, then we will probably see Jon and Al, Millie and Chuck, Reichen and Chip in the final three.
    This season NELs are all wasted!
    I agree with you ! You totally remind me that if without NEL, the final three would definately be Reichip, Mole & Werewolf as well as The clown. The final leg could be more exciting and fun to watch because all of them deserve to win.
    Who's gonna love you when It all falls down, and
    Who's gonna love you when Your bankroll runs out
    Who's gonna care when the novelty's over
    When the star of the Show isn't you anymore
    Nobody cares when the tears of a clown Fall down...
    Nobody cares when the tears of a clown
    Fall down

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    I liked these guys, they were good americans, having had to tell a guy in australia that he was an ugly american and the shut the hell up and quit being and a**hole. ( it helped to that I was heavier and slightly bigger than the jerk. plus about 20 years younger) it was nice to see how they interacted with people from other lands, even in times of stress. plus I wanted them and the two dudes and the married ones to be in the final three, that b*tch has got to go.

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    They have positive attitude, they have good character, they have great personality, they have everything.... . I will miss this guys.

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    If this will brighten up the Jon & Al fans (like me here), I almost forgot that they won a vacation to Mexico for their 1st place finish at the Kota Kinabalu leg. Yay, go clowns!! They really deserve the vacation. Positive attitude, enthusiasm, kindness, and open-mindedness all gotta payoff somehow. Although the race won't be the same without them, I'm much happier now after remembering about the vacation.

    I really hope that the clowns establish some kind of e-mail address for fans like us here. Hope they post it on the website when it's up and running. It'd be cool if there was some sort of chat session with them to talk about their experiences.

    If there is a TAR5 or more seasons of TAR, I want Jon & Al to compete again and win the $1,000,000. If not the million buck, then definitely want them to be in the final 3.

    I wish someday that I meet up with these guys and be friends with them. They are so down-to-earth and friendly. Maybe for now I hope to catch glimpse of Jon at a circus show, and perhaps try to balance something on my nose (not like I'm going to be good at that anytime soon!)

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    That's right. At least Jon and Al won something...

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    Thanks for another great interview, John!

    And thanks to Jon and Al for doing the interview. I really enjoyed watching you two and was sorry to see y'all eliminated when you were. Best of luck to you in the future!

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    Jon and Al were very strong competitors. Among the top 4 remaining at that time, they were the least likely to be eliminated based on their records in the past 10 legs + the qualities that I think make good racers. To sum it up, they rarely make any mistake, were pushing all the time, alert [about their surrounding and other racers] and know how to maintain a good morale despite high pressure/stress. To call them the Ideal TAR contestants wouldn't be an overstatement. It doesn't mean they will win the Race, they just happened to be strong and consistent but do lack some of the physical and mental strength of say like Reichen and Chip. But if using these two as comparison, Jon and Al are less likely to be eliminated in a Race like this before the Final 3 whereas Reichen and Chip have a better chance of giving top performance (i.e. rank 1 or 2 most of time throughout the Race) but suffered some serious down times as well. What saved Reichen & Chip throught the race was their speed of recovery. In other words, I think Jon and Al were perhaps the most resilient opponents you can possibly get - always very dangerous if they make it the top 3. I think Reichen and Chip should count themselves lucky that the Clowns are booted due to bad flights because otherwise, it's quite tough to kick them out.

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    great link, lol_its_fun! thanks a million!

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    Great interview, John! Like everyone else, though, I wish I was reading somebody else's responses. It really seemed to me that Jon & Al were the best racers. They rarely (if ever) were shown as being lost. They always made their way directly to the next clue location. They were respectful to everyone around them, including all other teams. And they maintained a good positive attitude, which enabled them to make smart decisions under pressure. They were well qualified to win, but luck obviously plays a big role in the Race. I'm so sorry theirs ran out.
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    :yeah that

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