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Thread: Our Interview with Jon & Al

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    Thanks for a great interview, John!

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    As John said, this interview came too soon.
    Jon and Al were my favorites to win, but lady luck wasn't on their side.

    What a classy pair of clowns. Loved how they showed respect towards the people and culture of the different countries they ended up at.

    Thanks Jon and Al for taking the time to do the interview, and Bravo on running an excellent race!

    Great interview, John! You always seem to bring out the team's personality with your interviews.

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    Fantastic interview!!! I those guys!!!

    **sigh** I only wish that the interview had been with one of the three remaining teams.

    Jon and Al were by far the most enjoyable, the most entertaining, and the nicest team. It's great to see two people with so much class. Minus the bad luck with the fog, they played the game the best. Regardless of what they were doing on the show, you couldn't help but smile when you saw them! I'm really, really, really going to miss seeing them in the last episodes. At least I have their website to look forward to...

    Glad to know that I'm not alone in my disappointment.....

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    Great interview with positive people...!!!

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    Thank you for the great interview John

    I wanted Jon & Al to win the race as well, and it was definitely sad to see them go. But they are both great people and in my mind, they're winners

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    Yippee! The clowns are GONE!!! Now you all won't read my ranting for their disqualification (they shouldn't have entered it in the first place.) hee hee.... But i will admit that they did run a good race- still they were not funny

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    Remus Lupin
    Thanks for an excellent, insightful interview, John!

    Jon & Al, you always comported yourselves in an admirable manner, no matter the circumstances, and have set a wonderful standard for everyone, racers and viewers alike, to emulate. Thank you for injecting humour, humility and honour into primetime television. You've done your family, your friends and yourselves proud. I wish the best for you both in all future endeavours.

    A Visual Tribute to The Clowns:

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    Great interview as usual, John! Well, Jon and Al seem like very positive people...

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    the show is gonna be soo boring now that Jon and Al are gone....one mistake, one mistake in the entire race and they are eliminated...i was really depressed to see them go...im looking forward to their website though....

    great race you guys!!

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    Great interview John. The clowns really were a true class act, and the interview proves it.

    To the clowns, if they're reading this: TAR 4 won't be the same with you gone.

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