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Thread: If You Were To Join, Who Would You Choose As Your Partner?

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    acid jazz
    TAR 3 - Jill / Zack
    TAR 4 - Tian / Jaree / Jon (Clowns)

    real life .... my good friend!

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    I will pick my best friend which is a guy!
    He is so different from my girl pals! He is competitive, fit and great. He does not mind me arguing with him or me getting mad at me...........he will quickly say SORRY! So i'd pick him!

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    i would pick my best friend.... she's focused, and determined...one drawback though, we have opposite views on virtually everything which makes us argue a lot...but hey, as what Tian and Jaree and Kelly and Jon have proven, arguments/bickering can be very entertaining....

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