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Thread: I may get banned for actually admitting this, but...

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    Foggy Doggy
    Quote Originally Posted by CaliGirl
    Am I hearing a Dixie Chicks echo in here?

    Bwahahaha maybe so :

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    Quote Originally Posted by dobolina
    I'll agree with you fogdog....because it WAS great tv when Flo had to rappell ass first over the cliff in whatever country they were in. She was crying so hard....a classic Flo-ment.
    Two or three feet? I don't think she moved an inch. If she couldn't rappel going down feet first, I doubt she could have done it face first. It would have been interesting t.v., though, I'll agree to that.
    Maybe this has already been asked, but what happenes if you chose a detour and one person does it (example: what if Zack had rappeled down first but Flo refused?) and the other person wants to change?

    I've loved Jon/Kelly since day 1...their moving up on my list of all time favorite teams (though the #1 spot on that list will always belong to John Vito and Jill.) And speaking of Flo and giving your hometown a blackeye...I live in NY right where she does, so think how I feel.

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    Jughead Jones
    Quote Originally Posted by TAR4 ATC Dave
    Believe it or not, it really isn't always safe to form opinions of people based solely upon what CBS decides to show you. Remember that the producers have a story to tell, and that they can discard a lot of stuff if it doesn't fit their particular story line.

    Example: Both Steve and I are actually track stars who spent all but 5% of the race rushing to and from the spots we needed to be. Naturally, what 5% did YOU see?

    While I personally am somewhat disappointed by some of the things I've heard J&K say, I still believe that they are both basically good people. They were always nice to Steve and myself, and we actually thought the "BFGs" tag was hilarious as well (regardless of former meanings...)

    I liked the BFG tag...

    And, I never judged you and Steve for being too slow...I just saw you as two hilarious guys like Jon and Al.

    I also agree with the editing process being a bit biased. Maybe Kelly and Jon just had a few bad legs as far as fighting goes...but then again, it does make the show a lot more fun!

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