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Thread: Is this next week a Two-Hour TAR?

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    TV Guide (both the on-line listings and the newstand issue) have been known to be inaccurate from time-to-time, but TV Guide gets their listing information straight from the networks, in this case, CBS. Besides, CBS's website has been known to be incorrect as well. For instance, the website initially had the wrong time listed for 'Big Brother 4', only to correct it several days later.

    Perhaps CBS intended for the finale to be two hours (which would be hours 12 and 13, but only listed as episode 12), but decided to stretch the series one more week, so that there are only 3 Thursdays between TAR4's conclusion and the debut of 'Survivor: Pearl Islands' on Sept. 18.

    Also, as stated in another topic, the TAR production company (World Race Productions) says that the finale airs on August 21ST. They would likely seem to be a sure source for accurate information wouldn't it?

    Also, not to sound xenophobic, but I would trust the U.S. version of TV Guide before I would an foreign edition. After all, TAR is an American produced series.

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    I do know what you're talking about. I was waiting for this to happen again this season. I remember TAR 2 & 3 having special 2 hour episodes with one being non-elim, followed by an elim, towards the end of the season. I just remember cause I got extremely giddy when Phil said "Next week on a special 2 hour episode of The Amazing Race..." and I got all happy. This 2-hour episode was in addition to another 2-hour finale.

    I'm guessing they aren't doing things traditionally this time around since its not airing during the traditional Fall/Spring time slots.

    And I agree with everyone else, a 1-hour finale would not be good! PLEASE let the finale end on the 14th as a two hour episode! There is NO way I could wait another week after watching the final 3 race!
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    well, here in new zealand, we had a 2 hour finale in TAR1, but we only had a 1 hour finale for TAR2 and 3...i'll like to see another 1 hour finale for TAR4!

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    Hmm... here in Singapore, we had a 2 hour finale for TAR 3, but I'm not sure if that is the case for this season...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luna
    Hmm... here in Singapore, we had a 2 hour finale for TAR 3, but I'm not sure if that is the case for this season...
    I think it will DEFINATELY be a 2-HR episode on August14(15 for Singapore). TVguides,even tv guides in my country do make such mistakes in scheduling programs in advance.

    Hi there mate!...Don't go to any Amazing Race websites on Friday before it airs on our tv..or you will know the winners in advance. hehe

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