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Thread: And Now The End Is Near... The Final 3...

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    Quote Originally Posted by miss_ambiguous
    (although i would HATE to see the clowns go, heck. i'd hate to see all of them go except jon/kelly...
    On the contrary, I don't mind seeing any of the other teams go except Kelly/Jon. Since I don't get a cut of the prize money regardless, so I don't particularly care who wins. I would like to see Kelly/Jon get to the final 3 thus stay until the end of the season, because Kelly is the best and now only eye candy left in the show.
    Without Kelly, the race will become an all-male competition. Although I would still tune in for the exotic travels and interesting road blocks, it would be like a dinner without desert, ie without the strawberry shortcake with whipcream.
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    That's an interesting theory. David & Jeff do seem fairly popular according to the CBS poll, but they don't provide a great deal of excitement. R&C and the clowns would be great because everyone's rooting for them, and K&J would be good because everyone's rooting against them (though they are entertaining, if nothing else).

    I'm not sure I'd go so far as to say Kelly's eye candy.

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    I do agree that having just fit and buff all male teams at the end makes the show too much like eco challenge LOL>> athletic but not all that interesting...love her or hate her, Kelly adds fun and drama to the show

    as for more "clues"...I do tend to look at the media exposure on these shows where the ending is known and over with *as opposed to real time shows like BB ...

    one telling thing for me is the fact that cbs CHANGED bios for the goats and for jon...read the first page of their threads here at the fort, lovingly preserved....you will see one of the goats used to have on his bio he "sold breast implants"..changed to "sold medical devices for a living"....his hobby was sex, that changed LOL..
    they also "changed and cleaned up" Jon's bio haha..

    that tells me something..

    I am also going on the fact that there is just not one peep out about them since the show...while there have been enough Josh sightings and posts for instance that he has extended into his 30 minutes of fame haha

    Like David M I look for postings from family and friends...no the non winners dont give out the winners, but they dont stop people from posting info about them, good stuff..or they post themselves...the winners...ie, jenna on survivor, flo/zach...drop into total silence after the show is done taping.

    one more point...cbs allowed many of the "losers" to gather for a big party hosted by the Nfl wives in vegas to watch the premiere....speculation? nfl's won...more speculation...virgins looked happy and great at party etc....speculation...josh/dad won, they also looked happy blah blah..

    however..ONLY thing I have found is obscure article in business/real estate section of miami herald saying that Jon's real estate company wanted to host a premiere party for him (for season premiere) AND CBS NIXED THE PARTY lol


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