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Thread: Another Tian interview

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    Another Tian interview

    from http://www.afterellen.com/People/tian-interview.html

    How would you describe your overall experience on The Amazing Race?

    One of the best things to ever happen to me. I wish I could live every day like that!

    Although you and your teammate Jaree have been friends for several years, you seemed to argue a lot during the competition; was this unusual, and do you think this worked against you in the competition?

    We don't argue in real life, it was the stress--we started out with a disadvantage that set the tone for the beginning. But we pulled through it, and I'm so proud of ourselves.

    A lot of gay viewers believe you and Jaree must be a couple because you bicker so much. What’s your response, and are you two still in touch?

    We are best friends and no, there's no physical/romantic attachment. But I do love her to death.

    Before the show started, your bio on CBS mentioned you “liked girls” and then removed that reference to your sexuality a few weeks later. Why?

    I never asked them to remove it, so I'm not sure--I'll have to hunt down that answer.

    How do you define your sexuality? (lesbian, bi, etc.)

    The way I feel about my sexuality is that I am open to finding my soul mate from whomever it may come from.

    The show very much promoted Reichen and Chip’s sexuality but never mentioned the fact that you’re gay, too; was that your decision or theirs? Or did it just never come up during the race?

    Well, there never really was a moment where it would have come into play.

    What was the most challenging part of the race for you?

    The bull pulling was very difficult. I didn't have the brute strength to hold on.

    Which team did you like the most? Which one drove you nuts?

    No one drove me nuts and I love the Supremes and Chip and Reichan. Everyone on the race is close and we chat all the time on our secret website.

    Your interests include both modeling and acting; which do you prefer?

    Acting by far, it is way more interesting and I just love both sides of the camera.

    What are you doing now?

    I'm doing a sci fi thriller [for the Sci Fi Channel] called Dark Queen where I play a nerdy scientist that finds a way to change her DNA into an evil supervillain (obviously not a hard stretch for me, ha ha

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    Thanks for posting this interview here...

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    secret website... a bit curious =]

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    Very interesting interview. I read it a few days ago..however, I'm very excited to check out Dark Queen! :p

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    I know that it looked so hard for her to hold on during the bull racing.

    I don't really know what Tian is sexually. She said she was looking for a sole mate wherever. Wouldn't that mean she's bi? But she really didn't say.

    I think her movie sounds pretty weird! But I might have to check it out anyway.

    Go Tian! She was awesome for doing every one of the roadblocks!

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    WHTA SECRET WEBSITE! I wish i knew!

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    I mean What secret website........do you know?

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