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Thanks luna and everyone else with kind words..... I got most of the info from the official CBS site (you can get there by clicking the TAR logo at the top of the page here). Then some of it I got from you guys here ... Seems that the official recap didn't cover the "cookie" comment.

Yes an hour of doppler...and for the record, it was only doppler, we didn't even get a shot of Topper Shutt, the meteorologist, just his voice and that doppler picture. I bet he was not prepared for this, and was still in his underpants. At least that's the belief I'm going with, as I'm still bitter that I missed it I watched a full half hour, then would switch back and forth between other stuff. I couldn't believe it.

So Thanks for the kind words, and thanks also for the help that you didn't even know you supplied
You're welcome... thanks too for saying where you get all the stuff from.