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Thread: Attention CBS--put TAR on BB

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    Attention CBS--put TAR on BB

    So what do you think of this hair-brained idea...

    TAR4 will conclude airing in early- to mid-August. By then the BB house will be quite a bit emptier than it is now. I say CBS needs to come up with some special challenges for BB and let a few TAR4 racers move in for a few days.

    They did it sometime ago in a previous BB with former Survivor people. I know Survivor is their 'favorite' reality child so they use them to cross promote BB a little. But come on. If TAR and BB are going to share the summer airwaves, I say get 'em together for a bit.

    Any ideas for some good challenges/games the BB & TAR folks could compete in?

    Any of you TAR4 racers already lurking/posting here think you could stand a few days in the BB House with the Guests? Compared to your adventures it might get a tad boring, no?

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    It would be nice to see how Kelly and Jon would handle BB.

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