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Thread: Teams that tie

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    i'm a bit confused...

    In the first episode, Amanda and Chris, Steve and Josh, and Millie and Chuck all came in first place and won each a trip to Hawaii. So, does this mean if two teams arrive first at the last leg, does each team receive Million or what?

    My guess would be spliting the money...

    Yeah, I also wondered what happens if two teams touched the mat together and were both eliminated... will the producers add in an additional "non-elimination" episode (which really sucks) or i wonder if they are going to eliminate a leg of the race.

    Sorry for asking too many questions... damn the Red Bull. :-P

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    Just imagine...

    Hey, using the first alliance actions on the first leg, i've got a great idea..

    Maybe all the teams could wait before the mat and when all 12 teams arrive, they all step on the mat together.
    What if they did this each leg of the race. It would be funny! What could Phil do. Phil "You are all in team #1." Noone is ever eliminated.

    Since they provided trips for all three teams that did the mat thing on the first episode, would they have to provide a million dollars to each contestant if every team (after doing the mat stunt) colluded into crossing the finish line together?

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    Somehow I doubt that would happen. Coming in a dead tie really depends on both teams cooperating. By that time, it's really every team for themselves. And a million dollars is as good an inducement as you'll find.

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    During the beginning of the race people are more "friendly" alliance-wise because they feel as if they have plenty of time left in the race. Towards the end, alliances completely break up, and you see a lot more cut-throat competition. People argue, people fight, and when it comes to money, there's no way that whomever reaches the mat area first will just stand aside and wait for the other teams to catch up.

    Each show in the past has ended in a cab ride and a foot race, all of which are run with incredible competitiveness, regardless of any prior relationship.
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    Originally posted by cali
    love that eyebrow Hummina hummina

    I couldn't resist stealing this guy. Can we keep him, John?

    Oh, on topic: Teams that choose to tie suck.

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    u do need companions if you want to survive
    through the 1st few legs.....
    No you don't...

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    You don't need companions at all. If you keep your head in the game, you'll be just fine!

    I don't see that tying is a problem in the beginning but at the end, I do think it would be.

    And I can't see them getting rid of the non elimination rounds because it makes the season go longer and I think they want that.

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