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Okay, here's what I'd suggest - some of these have probably already been said.

1. Cut down the team number by one and make the first leg a NEL. There's too much of a "we hardly knew you" feeling from the first elimination.

2. Make the race less dependent on taxicabs. Make the teams drive themselves more often, or have them use buses or trains or something. Make going to somewhere easier than saying to same cabbie, "take us to so-and-so".

3. Less focus on airline flights. Especially in Europe - they've got a damn good train network, make them use it! Also, there's too much throwing of dice involved in getting the tickets (the plane may be full, etc.). Make the team get Philiminated because of their own fault, not because they can't get a ticket.

The bottom line: make the racers even more responsible for their fates, not a cabbie, bad airline, or whatever.

Leo as an aviation fanatic I love seeing when they go to the airport to decide on which flight to take to get to point B so I can't agree with #3.

I don't see anything wrong with the teams using the taxi cabs since there were many interesting situations in which some of the teams found themselves in especially in India and besides the teams tend to drive themselves around most of the time.

Well I agree with your first point about making the very first leg a NE one since I feel the same way about the team that is eliminated first.