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Thread: Our Interview with Steve & Josh

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    Originally posted by John
    Quinn, they have 12 hours, and can't leave their pit stop. My understanding is, they eat a large meal (some teams don't eat on their legs, or don't eat much), sleep, do laundry, BS with each other, and Phil also does his interviews, which are shown as the clips throughout the show where the team is sitting there talking to the camera.
    i guess the layover material is not really worth showing- else they would show more clips...

    i really liked this team- hopefully they enjoyed and appreciated every step they took!

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    John -

    Really wonderful interview. (of course, it helps to have great interviewees like Josh and Steve seemed to be)

    I really get a good feeling from these two that their comments at the end of the race were/are entirely true - their relationship was strengthened by the experience. Sure the money would have been nice, but the experience was worth almost as much!

    Glad to know they've been checking in at the FORT.

    Josh and Steve!!! We're glad you are here!

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    I was really rooting for these guys, Its great to see a dad and son get together and do this and learn about each other again. now to sit back and watch the show.

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    The interviews on FORT are fascinating! It's great that you get them so quickly.

    There was so much about this team they didn't show this week. Don't you wish these were 1 1/2 hour episodes, or even 2 hours? It seems like they could show a lot more.

    Can't get enough of Amazing Race!
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    I was just getting into rooting for them, well I still got the BFGs' and the Clowns. Anyways, cool interview of a couple of cool dudes.
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    Great interview John. It's a pleasure that you bring us all this exclusive interviews with each teams. Waiting for your next interview

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    great interview, wish they could have stayed longer.
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    Great interview John.

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    That was a great interviw, I love it when they give the what to bring etc stuff.

    That is hysterical about the FF it was a good move for them to do it and it was a fun one to watch.

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    Fabulous interview, thanks so much for bringing it to us John. I suspect the cost of the dancers and that fabu ballroom figured into the FF being so pricey.... my only complaint about this show is : I wish they would show the times at each route marker, then we could get a better sense of who is where, you know just at the beginning when they read the info aloud.
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