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Thread: 3/23 TAR 24: Episode 5 **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 3/23 TAR 24: Episode 5 **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata View Post
    Isn't this the very first time a team has been eliminated because they couldn't get on a flight? Anyone know how far time wise they were? I heard Margie say 10 hours????
    No. It's happened before. I was trying to look up episodes where it did, but that's a lot of sifting. Most recently it happened last season to the NFL guys.
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    Re: 3/23 TAR 24: Episode 5 **West Coast Spoilers**

    Well, I can't say I was sorry to see Luke and Margie go home. They were never my favourite team, and after his temper tantrum last week when he threw the glasses on the ground...well...I am glad they are out. I realize he has had many obstacles to overcome in his life, and I'm really happy he has such a champion in his Mom, but I don't need to see grown people acting like toddlers. I wish them well, but please don't bring them back.

    Speaking of being back, when they said it was their 3rd time, Mr. S and I were confused. I don't remember their 2nd time at all! Can anyone remind me of when they were on (obviously a 2nd chance/all stars) and how they were eliminated? I swear my memory is getting worse daily.

    Dare I say it? Brenden and Rachel didn't bother me. In fact, her support for him during the challenges was really nice to see. Perhaps she's matured. They really took a chance with that short connection, but it really paid off for them.

    I loved watching FT entertain the factory workers, and how much positivity and inspiration that brought to BE as he was trying to finish the sewing task. You can tell they have a strong friendship, and it's lovely to see how they interact with people everywhere they go. Also, Leo was hilarious. He really had those women cracking up. But please stop picking people up!!

    Personally, I don't think the blondes have any business going further. Their "flirt our way across the globe" is getting tiresome to watch. I don't care for them, so they can go next, please.

    My dream final 3 would be the Cowboys, the Globetrotters, and either the father/son or the Afghanimals. In fact, with one or two tweaks, I can live with any of the remaining teams winning the whole thing.
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    Re: 3/23 TAR 24: Episode 5 **West Coast Spoilers**

    I knew Luke and Margie were going home right away just based on their statements at the start of the episode. Has the show gotten so predictable before? Hmm.

    Luke is a spoiled brat and his mother made him that way. Yes, he's deaf and has probably had a tough time in life at times, but it doesn't help when people let him slide on things because of his disability. I hung around a group of deaf guys back when I was younger and I didn't let them get away with anything that I didn't let slide amongst my hearing friends. They were raised well, respected others and just dealt with everything like everyone else did. Sometimes they did/said things that were disrespectful but it wasn't because they were deaf, it was more because they were guys. lol Sometimes people gave them more lee-way, but more often than not people treated them the same as everyone else. If they had been coddled as youngsters as Luke has been, they may not have been very pleasant to be around.

    Quote Originally Posted by jaceegirl
    When I saw the sewing task I knew that was something I would fail at. When Connor said the last and only time he sewed was in 7th grade it reminded me of my sewing class where we all had to make a pair of pajamas. Mine fell apart in the machine when I washed them for the first time. Needless to say I never became a sewer.
    Oh. Gawd. That brings me back to the disaster that was Home Economics in grade 7. We had to sew a pair of jogging pants. I don't know how it happened, but instead of sewing an inseam on each leg, I sewed the two legs together. Maybe I was being a smarta$$ and thought I could sew one seam instead of two? Not all is lost though, I became quite proficient at using a seam ripper!

    Brenchel are actually not being quite so annoying. I wonder what the Brenchel army thinks of that? They might just ramp up the drama for their fans. How about have mercy on all of us who appreciate the non-whiny, OTT Rachel. Let's all hope that their attitude/behaviors aren't just the calm before the storm.
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    Re: 3/23 TAR 24: Episode 5 **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by sweetpea View Post
    Personally, I don't think the blondes have any business going further. Their "flirt our way across the globe" is getting tiresome to watch. I don't care for them, so they can go next, please.
    I couldn't agree more! Cannot stand them!
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    Re: 3/23 TAR 24: Episode 5 **West Coast Spoilers**

    It looks like we might have a final 4 of all male teams. Must be a first. I have a sneaking feeling though we'll have a NEL next episode. This far in the competition have we had the following: U-turn, Double U-Turn, Yield, Intersection, Fast Forward.

    I also would like to suggest the Fork


    Where one member of a team has to perform one Roadblock while the other member of the team does the other Roadblock. The Fork appears at any point in the race at least a couple of times not in addition to but to add difficulty to a Roadblock. This will prove more difficult because they have to do it at the same time, which means they will not have their partner with them to give support while doing the task.

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    Re: 3/23 TAR 24: Episode 5 **West Coast Spoilers**

    Or the fork could be that the teams have to pick a direction to go, not knowing what challenge will be at the end of it. If they don't like the challenge they went to first, they could switch challenges but it would involve going to the other location, not knowing what that challenge will be until they get there (unless they bump into other racers leaving that challenge and they fill them in on what to expect).
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    Re: 3/23 TAR 24: Episode 5 **West Coast Spoilers**

    There's still Rachael, Jessica and the country girls...I wouldn't say an all-male final four is necessarily in the offing.

    I like both versions of the fork idea.
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