Other FORT forum posters have confirmed my suspicions: Many of the Racer's this season strike me as being VERY familiar players.
Think not only "look alikes," but "act alikes" or "vibe alikes" too.

Chris resembles what's his name [Michael?] of TAR3.

Jeff does resemble, as Mdrio9 mentioned in another thread, Jeff Varner of Survivor.

Debra a famous female vocalist [can't remember: Mamma Cass? and Carnie[?] Wilson one of the ___ Sisters. While Steve sports a sort of Richard Hatch look.

Jon, a smaller, thinner version of a wrestler named "The Rock."

Reichen looks like a cross between the 60s Avengers(?) guy and Dolph Lungren...and Chip= Boston Chris/Alex [forgot which was which--the dark haired one] of TAR2. Throw in a hint of Pierce Brosnan.

Some of the other similarities/doppelgangers are escaping me at this late hour.

Alas, though, dear Amanda does seem destined to have "Flo" written all over her...

Do you any of see these similarities/features, too? TAR4 may have been cast to be familiar as an old shoe.