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Thread: Possible future season may include international teams

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    One interesting thing to remember when considering international teams is that they might have real advantages on certain legs of the trip due to their foreign language skills... an advantage that any given English-speaking American teams may never get the opportunity to enjoy, unless we are talking about pure advantages of knowledge (ie shortcuts, geography etc.)

    Having said that, I am all for it... and I know Canadians have been dying for the opportunity to apply for many of these reality shows, including The Mole, Survivor, and AR, just to name a few.

    Make it happen Networks!!!

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    Yeah! International teams would be great! I really want to try this with my dad, but wasn't able to because he lives in Japan...but if they open it up to int'l teams, we could totally be the estranged father/son duo next year!

    And I agree with BravoFan- "reality shows" are great because they aren't celebs. I wouldn't be as interested in a celebrity amazing race, although it would work better than a celebrity survivor or mole or american idol...
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    A celebrity edition might work for other shows, but definitely not TAR. Part of the concept of the show is that you have to get thru on your own effort. Celebs would be able to open doors that non-celebs would not.

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    I could NEVER be on TAR. Ugh. I get very stressed out in high pressure situations. Survivor is much more my speed.

    That said, I loved the show... but much too difficult for me.
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    I'd like to see an ALL-STAR season or even a Celebrity one. It'd be so good, don't you think?
    -phusion :phhht

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    No celeb version!!

    Just more regular ones!
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    Originally posted by AnnaRHR
    Or maybe teams from past reality shows, like Survivor and Big Brother... That would be entertaining to watch...
    I would love that! My girl Susan Hawk (avatar) and Jeff Varner (S2) were on Cannonball Run together and they had a good time. It would be cool to see a Reality TV TAR!

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    Konstanze Jill
    that s/d be COOL!
    but thee int'l team will have a huge advantage when the race goes to their country,huh?

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    but a disadvantage in the first and last legs, which are at least partly in the United States

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    Originally posted by AnnaRHR
    Or maybe teams from past reality shows, like Survivor and Big Brother... That would be entertaining to watch...
    Wow, great idea. My competing teams are
    Season 1
    Nancy and Emily,
    Team Guido (let them lose again)
    Kevin and Drew (spakling with Ken and Gerard).
    Frank and Margarita

    Season 2
    Blake and Paige,
    the Cha cha cha,
    tara and wil (a flame with Flo),

    Season 3
    Flo with Drew !!!!!!!!!! (See she whines or she is tamed)
    Heather and Eve (gain back reputition of the "walk" issue)
    John Vito and Jill
    Arron and Arainne (Twin hunts again?)(I like to see them make things worse)
    Ken and Gerard

    Wow, there are too many talking points here then

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