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Thread: Amazing Race 23 Pool

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    Re: Amazing Race 23 Pool

    Amazing Race 23
    Episode 12 Pool Results

    Thank you for coming to The Amazing Race 23 awards ceremony! The ceremony will be run like an episode of the Amazing Race so everyone will be put into groups of two, with one group having three since we have an un-even number of pool teams. By random selection, the awards ceremony teams are:

    BuckeyeGal and Cootie
    r2maybs and mesachick
    Maybaybie and JohnnyK
    Photobabe and Midol
    Jaceegirl and tbamom
    pikachu and TripleGemini
    hmauterson and Florimel
    Hyper and inthegarden
    beerbelly and jafo
    And last season’s pool winner, dixielandbelle, with veejer and Evande.

    The pool teams are instructed to line up at the front of the banquet hall. They place their drink order and then must sample 5 appetizers to get a clue from the maitre’d.

    The first task is a detour, which each member of the team must complete to move on to the next challenge. Teams may choose between sit-down banquet or self-serve buffet. In sit-down banquet, the team has to decide on an entrée all of them will be served. If they have a vegetarian in their group, they can opt for the vegan pasta or the vegetarian can choose to let the meat-eater have their ribeye steak and loaded baked potato while they hold out for dessert. After the teams have finished eating, they can hold their hands up for a server to come take their plates away and give them their next clue. In self-serve buffet, teams will go through a buffet line to serve themselves what they choose. They only get one plate each so they might have to use some strategy to get everything they want to fit but they can make good time serving themselves instead of waiting to be served.

    Fortunately, there’s no u-turn. I doubt any of the teams could have gone back and done the second half of the challenge without having to make an unscheduled pitstop!

    Following the detour is a roadblock, which only one member of the team can perform. The person chosen to do the roadblock will go to the dessert table and choose a selection of desserts to take back for their team. Once they have made their choice from an extensive assortment of pies, cookies, donuts, fruit, nuts, cheese, cake and other goodies, they’ll return to their table and ring a bell. If they drop their plate on the way back, they have to start again. A server will bring them their final clue, instructing them of the location of the pitstop.

    The team of dixielandbelle, Evande, and veejer get to the pitstop first so they win front-row seats to the awards ceremony and one Andes mint apiece! As for the rest of you, this wasn’t really a challenge, just a way to make the awards dinner more interesting. At the pitstop, you were given your seat number so please take your seats and we’ll announce the winners.

    In first place with 2,040 points is…Fanny’s Pack! Congratulations, Fanny Mare! The winner’s avatar, and a return trip to the dessert table, are yours!

    Second place with 2,035 points is… RacingDreamers! Fantastic job, Jaceegirl!
    Only five points separate you from first place so that’s very impressive. You chose your pool team well!

    Third place with 1,960 points is… On the Road Again! Excellent work, Midol!

    The team that finished last and is awarded the Wooden Oar award is…Clued In! Interestingly, you and Fanny’s Pack both started the pool in 4th place, but there your paths diverged. By the following week, Fanny’s Pack had moved up to 1st place and stayed there until the end. Your team continued to drop, eventually ending up in last place. Better luck next time, Cootie, but enjoy your booby prize!

    It was a pleasure to run the pool for all of my forum friends. I hope you enjoyed the season and will compete again in TAR 24! Final scores and rankings are below.

    Contestant Finishing Order and Scores
    1. Jason and Amy: 70 points
    2. Tim and Marie: 55 points
    3. Travis and Nicole: 45 points

    Weekly Scores
    Around the World in 29 Days/hmauterson: 155 points
    As the Crow Flies/inthegarden: 215 points
    Backpacks for the Win/TripleGemini: 240 points
    Blackbeard’s Revenge/Hyper: 45 points
    Boston Strong/Maybaybie: 185 points
    Buckeye Brawlers/BuckeyeGal: 215 points
    Clued In/Cootie: 115 points
    Dixie Drifters/dixielandbelle: 215 points
    Fanny’s Pack/Fanny Mare: 215 points
    Flying High/Photobabe: 145 points
    I Have to Eat What/tbamom: 170 points
    JohnnyK’s WAGs/JohnnyK: 45 points
    Just Observing/jafo: 125 points
    Kanagawa Chillers/Evande: 100 points
    Lost in Translation/mesachick: 170 points
    On the Road Again/Midol: 170 points
    Planes, Trains, and Stick-Shifts/Florimel: 240 points
    RacingDreamers/Jaceegirl: 215 points
    Racy Regrets/beerbelly: 145 points
    Random Task/pikachu: 55 points
    Team Leadfoot/scoot13: 115 points
    Team Maybs/r2maybs: 240 points
    Team Phileas Fogg/veejer: 160 points

    Overall Scores and Rankings
    1. Fanny’s Pack: 2040 points
    2. RacingDreamers: 2035 points
    3. On the Road Again: 1960 points
    4. Dixie Drifters: 1950 points
    5. Planes, Trains, and Stick-Shifts: 1935 points
    6. Team Maybs: 1920 points
    7. Buckeye Brawlers, I Have to Eat What: 1900 points
    8. As the Crow Flies: 1870 points
    9. Boston Strong: 1845 points
    10. Backpacks for the Win: 1785 points
    11. Racy Regrets: 1780 points
    12. Flying High: 1710 points
    13. Lost in Translation: 1665 points
    14. Around the World in 29 Days: 1650 points
    15. Team Phileas Fogg: 1425 points
    16. Team Leadfoot: 1400 points
    17. Random Task: 1310 points
    18. JohnnyK’s WAGs: 1285 points
    19. Just Observing: 1275 points
    20. Kanagawa Chillers: 1215 points
    21. Blackbeard’s Revenge: 1130 points
    22. Clued In: 1095 points
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    Re: Amazing Race 23 Pool

    OMG my first pool win I would like to thank god, my manager, oh yeah wrong speech.

    Thanks Pikachu

    WTG Jacee and Midol!!!
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    Re: Amazing Race 23 Pool

    Woops, I just realized one awards ceremony team didn't get listed. Fanny Mare and scoot 13 teamed up.
    Yearbook Title, Spring 2016: Consummate Overachiever Who’s Most Likely Reminiscing About The Florida Keys
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    Re: Amazing Race 23 Pool

    Kudos to Fanny, Jacee, and Midol. All of you really earned your win, place and show. Enjoy
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    Re: Amazing Race 23 Pool

    Darn, darn, darn! I was hoping to read how dixielandbelle, veejer, and myself gorged ourselves shamelessly to an overall win -- I forgot how the real pool had already been decided with my (really) stubborn pet crocodile in third last. I really don't know why I play these things. My Survivor pool is about to be presented as evidence to why nice guys finish last. I'm glad to be selected as the special third member of the odd-numbered team, but I am not happy about the dating couple winning. No dating team has (I'm sure it's been done before) ever won.

    For that very reason, I chose the Exes. I know it's not a great anti-choice, but I maintain that they still had good chemistry. She was smart enough to get a signed contract. If I were him, I would even have signed for 20%. At first I thought the contract was verbal -- therefore illegal because where I come from a contract for more than $5,000 has the requirement of signing -- but I'm not from where they're from, and he signed, so it's rather a moot point. So my (alternate) team still finished second so I should be happy, right? My cap team (The Beardos) did not win outright, but I'm still glad to finish first at the dinner table. Too bad it only got me front row tickets, I half-hoped that Pikachu had something more for the teams to pursue.
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    Re: Amazing Race 23 Pool

    Thanks for another exciting pool Pikachu. I had though that I would fall out of the top three with the Afganimals leaving in 4th but I just held on by the skin of my teeth. Congrats to Fanny and Jaceegirl ... and Cootie! See you next season.
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    Re: Amazing Race 23 Pool

    Wow, I love this! Last place is special, don't you think? Especially with a name like "Clued in." On PR, I think I got second place, but last place is truly noteworthy! Thanks Pikachu for the great avatars and for doing this pool. It was lots of fun despite my team's failures! It's been a good trip!
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    Re: Amazing Race 23 Pool

    I was teamed with pikachu for the finale :-)

    And while I finally did great...well, let's just say that I'm awesome at landing in the middle.

    Thanks for a great game, pikachu! Congrats to Fanny for the win, and thanks to all who played :-) You made it fun!

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    Re: Amazing Race 23 Pool

    Sorry I have been missing, but some strange virus got to my computer and I lost everything. Needless to say it's in the shop and I'm not sure when I will get it back. My husband's co-worker brought over a laptop that is suppose to be used for work while my husband is recovering from a total knee replacement. I didn't know if I would be able to get on the site with it, but managed to after trying many different passwords. I'm doing this while my husband is asleep as I don't know if I should even be using it for personal sites.

    Just wanted to be able to get on to congratulate Fanny for the win, and Midol for coming in third.

    Cootie I think you are right coming in last isn't so bad because now you have the cutest Avatar to show off - pikachu makes the best Avatars and runs the greatest pools! I never thought I would come in 2nd for my first pool, and am certain it was just beginner's luck.

    Thanks again Pikachu for doing all that you do and thanks to everyone else who made being part of this pool a lot more fun while enjoying one of my very favorite Reality TV shows.

    See you all next season.

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    Re: Amazing Race 23 Pool

    Congratulations Fanny Mare on your win! Congratulations to Jaceegirl and Midol.
    Cootie Congratulations! A win's a win regardless of the spot!

    Thanks again for another fantastic, fun pool pikachu.

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