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Thread: TVGuide.com poll shows TAR most anticipated reality show of the Summer

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    TVGuide.com poll shows TAR most anticipated reality show of the Summer

    A TVGuide.com poll shows that people are most looking forward to The Amazing Race out of ay of the Summer's reality shows!

    Here is the latest count (6:47PM):
    The Amazing Race 4
    1261 27%

    Big Brother 3
    766 17%

    694 15%

    The Real World Paris
    431 9%

    American Juniors
    394 9%

    and all the other reality shows got anywhere from 1%-5% out of 4611 votes.

    Go and vote! I think this means that TAR should be the MOST WATCHED reality show of the Summer.

    Tomorrow is almost here!

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    FORT Fogey
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    Complete Results:

    Which reality show are you most looking forward to watching this summer?

    The Amazing Race 4
    1281 27%

    Big Brother 3 (SHOULD SAY 4, THOUGH)
    775 17%

    703 15%

    The Real World Paris
    433 9%

    American Juniors
    399 9%

    Dog Eat Dog
    254 5%

    Last Comic Standing
    192 4%

    For Love or Money
    182 4%

    America's Next Top Model
    123 3%

    Road Rules: The South Seas
    103 2%

    76 2%

    Dance Fever
    45 1%

    Second Chance: America's Most Talented Senior
    43 1%

    Paradise Hotel
    42 1%

    Boarding House: North Shore
    24 1%

    Total Votes: 4675

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    Hmmm, I'd prefer to see a higher sampling number, but at least TAR is the highest ranked.

    Of course given the "competition" listed, I'm not sure what I would have done if they wouldn't have come in first.
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    I'm just wondering what 24 people voted for "Boarding House." I've never even heard of that (or Dance Fever or Last Comic Standing, for that matter).

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    Yay for TAR! It should be a total hit of the summer! I can't wait!

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