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Thread: What has to happen to make TAR a ratings hit?

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    Originally posted by BravoFan

    I am really annoyed at these programming people that let quality shows like TAR, Combat Missions, EcoChallenge hang in the wind. Hell, that crap show Mr. Personality got a lot of promo, what is wrong with these people?
    Well said - I couldn't agree more. I really wish I could ask the CBS programming executives what their thinking is in not blasting the airwaves with ads for TAR. Shouldn't they want it to succeed? I mean, I realize it is probably a helluva lot more expensive to make than Survivor or Big Brother, but it's certainly cheaper than making more episodes of CSI or Everybody Loves Raymond! You'd think they'd want to encourage these reality shows to succeed, if only from a cost perspective.

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    Not to mention all the people advertising and watching horrible shows like ALL the dating shows in my opinion, Are You Hot, etc...

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    I am just thankful that TAR is a hit with the Critics and is being given a fair shot. Yes, they need to promote the hell out of it, and I really don't understand why they didn't have 2-3 commercials for it during episodes of Survivor.
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    Time for the caravan Cali.
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