I think alliances should be very temporary and should serve a definite purpose.

Teams often form alliances with equally strong teams but I think it also helps a strong team when they aid a weaker team. If the strong team does it just right, they can help the weak team along so that other strong teams (their competition) are eliminated instead. And they always know that they can beat the weak team when they need to.

Another time it would be good to form an alliance is when you find yourself battling with a physically weaker team for next-to-last place. By forming an alliance with your competition at this point, you can keep an eye on them till the pit stop is in sight and then sprint for the finish so you arenít eliminated. Itís just a way to ensure that the other team is behind you.

The main thing with alliances is knowing when and how to end them. In TAR1 and TAR2 the teams that placed 1st and 2nd had been allies at some point during the race.