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Thread: 11/11- TAR 21 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 11/11- TAR 21 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    I also had a parent die of cancer, in this case pancreatic, so I know what you're saying about how it changes everything and it's hard to focus on even daily tasks, let alone the challenges of TAR. My sympathies, Redsox Girl. And you're right, it is probably a combination of bad luck, killer fatigue, an injury to Abba, and the weight of this news on James that is impacting how they are racing. I was irritated with them after watching the show because I like them both and want them to continue, but I do sympathize with the circumstances.

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    Re: 11/11- TAR 21 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Well, I guess I can understand why the TwiNNies would be so bummed out at the pitstop. They did perform pretty badly this leg when compared to other legs, and had the other teams not fallen behind, they could've been in trouble. That being said, at least now it's been confrmed that the Express Pass can still be used only till that specific leg instead of an extra one due to it being received in the second leg. I think this is the first time an Express Pass has been unused up until the final leg in which it's available for use. Barring any bad luck with transportation or picking the wrong challenge to use it on, the girls will have a big advantage next leg.

    The decision of the final two teams to race together is just plain odd, and dare I say, dumb. Why would you hinder yourself like that? I won't be surprised when it's Pitstop time and suddenly we see Bland & Jerk surge forward running and leave Josh & Brent behind. Who knows if they may need a big equalizer to catch up.

    Overall, this leg looked tough! The Detour options both seemed very hard, and then the Rockers made yet another huge mistake. What's with them not keeping their stuff safe? I've noticed that they don't have fanny packs, maybe that contributes to it, but still. Here's hoping they can recover from this setback somehow.

    I do remember another season that had a Detour option become unavailable. In season 5, when the teams had to go to Egypt, there were two Detour options, one being tranporting slabs of rock using an ancient time log rolling method, and the other was absically a camel ride. Colin & Christie took the Fast Forward, while Charla & Mirna found an earlier flight than other teams and took the camel detour option. By the time the rest of the teams arrived, the camel rides had closed and they had to do the other option.
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    Re: 11/11- TAR 21 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Team Hair and Team Chippendales are my faves that are left in the race. I have gotten frustrated with Team Hair but as we have been discussing here, I didn't take it into consideration what could be the cause of them playing so carelessly. Maybe the leg injury and the father's illness could be weighing heavily on them and making then not remember things like their money and their bags. I just want them to bounce back and win this race.
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    Re: 11/11- TAR 21 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by redsox girl View Post
    Shoepie: One of their fathers is dying. It has been expected and a long haul. The call was to let him know his time has come. I believe he knew this possibility when he left for this race. He most likely said good bye before he left. His father insisted on it.

    Shoepie, I get what you are saying and see where you are coming from in terms of pure game play. It is my understanding though that even though they knew he was sick when they left, they did not know to what degree the cancer had spread. They then received a skype message from a relative saying the father had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and that it was terminal. To me, and this is just from my perspective, they both seemed to want to go home at that point and perhaps would have had the relative not told them the dad wanted them to continue to compete. As I wrote, when my parent was dying from bone cancer I felt so much stress, helplessness and sadness it was very hard to concentrate for long periods of time. I was forgetful and distracted. I can only imagine how much more I would be affected if I was half way around the world. I believe the mistake made by the rockers is directly influenced by the aforementioned distraction and therefore I cant criticize their play. It isn't stupidity, IMO, that is their problem, it's the emotional upheaval they are dealing with and to me that is a legitimate reason for their two miscues. And yes, the bum leg, too. You can tell by his gait, he's hurting. So, I was impressed they made it through the synchronized swimming routine. Thanks for explaining to me where you are coming from, I appreciate it.
    I did not mean to come across as unfeeling as my post sounded! I have lost both parents and one to cancer; I get it. They are not brothers, James has the dying dad. I don't think their careless playing is about his father dying. Abba lost the money and did not have the passports. James asked if he had passports when they saw the taxi had gone. It seemed to me that Abba was the designated money and passport person. Not sure why James didn't decide to take on that job after the money incident. They are a spacy duo. I do think they will find their stuff.

    I am a Red Socks fan too.
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