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Thread: Art and JJ TAR 20

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    Re: Art and JJ TAR 20

    Maybe they lose Army as well. Heavy handedness makes more enemies than allies.
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    Re: Art and JJ TAR 20

    A little insight into Art/JJ from Nary and Jamie:

    Amazing Race's Nary and Jamie: Art and JJ Are Jerks - seattlepi.com

    I take it you think they were completely over the top with their reaction to Dave and Rachel not U-Turning Brendon and Rachel.

    Jamie: Oh, yeah! JJ was definitely out of line. Dave and Rachel were like, "Dude, chill out," and rightfully so. Once they start to get on a roll, they get this arrogance about them that left a super-bad taste in my mouth. I was like, "I wouldn't want to be portrayed like that. They're a bunch of jerks."
    Nary: That arrogance was already there in the first episode when they didn't come in first place. And after they won three legs in a row, it made their arrogance just worse.
    Jamie: And you know - God forbid they get beaten by two chicks! I mean, they would've died. That's why you saw them go into survivor mode in the airport last week. Everybody started fighting and they immediately confronted us, and then they go to Bopper and say, "Hey, if you want to stay in this game, you need to leave them and stick with us." I think it started to hit them, like, "Crap, if we get beat by two female federal agents, we're never gonna live this down."

    What happened with them figuring out what you did? Did you accidentally slip up when you asked about their "undercover work"?

    Jamie: It was kind of twofold. ... Everybody's around the campfire, exhausted, and Art is just going on and on about this undercover work. He called it "UC work." Of course, I know what it means. And I know what border patrol does and I know what the majority of what border patrol agents do. So I was like - because I was really sick of him at this point - "Oh, really, Art? What kind of undercover work do you do? And what kind of caseload do you maintain?" He made it seem like that's all he did, like he was living under deep cover with a motorcycle gang! [Laughs] Like, c'mon, Art, let's be real here! So that's how it came out and they made it seem on TV that we didn't have a response when they confronted us, but we did. Our thing was that we didn't tell them because of their approach. There was all this commotion at the airport and then they immediately tried to call us out. Had they done it when things were calm and in a more friendly way, we probably would've told them.

    Were Bopper and Mark, and Brendon and Rachel the only teams you told?

    Nary: Yes, but of course there was speculation because of Art and JJ. But if you listened, Dave and Rachel still called us teachers in this episode. Bopper and Mark were still calling us teachers. We told Bopper and Mark, and Brendon and Rachel because they were nice about it and they were our friends on the show. It felt like it was our duty as friends to tell them the truth.
    Jamie: We cared about what they thought. It was important for us that they didn't feel like we were lying to them about everything. I really did appreciate their friendships and I do still. I wanted them to know that everything that we spoke about our families and friends during downtime was 100 percent true. The teachers thing was the only lie. We wanted them to know that we were genuinely their friends. The other teams? We didn't really have that connection with them.

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    Re: Art and JJ TAR 20

    Really had the FBI agents been thinking on their feet they could have said they were fans of any crime show out there. I know what UC means, too..it isn't like they were speaking in code. I also know lots of hospital terminology from watching ER but that doesn't make me a doctor.
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    That was a great message! And I've had a terrible day, so thank you.I love random acts of kindness.Really, realy appreciated.Scott- RIP SDL<3

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    Re: Art and JJ TAR 20

    Come back to the next All-Stars and win please. Because I'm sick of Eric Sanchez having the best TAR record to date. That is, second place in one season and winning another, with different teammates.

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    Re: Art and JJ TAR 20

    I wouldn't mind them coming back, at all. I think that it's just as possible certain statements/characteristics of them got played out of all the hours of footage that showed some of their worst moments, just as with Maj. Dave and Rachel sniping. A coworker and I just couldn't put a finger on the outright hate so many people on various boards had for them. As far as the final moment, coming in 2nd at the mat, I really think any angry expressions, especially by Art, were at themselves, because they knew they blew a huge lead. I'd love to see them come back with a tad more humility, for sure.
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